Refund Policy


We at Sankalp computer & Systems Pvt. Ltd., adopt diverse cancellation policies for our various services. For more details on this kindly refer to respective service agreement.

Request related to cancellation must be submitted to the finance and sales department of Sankalp computer & Systems Pvt. Ltd. Through following emails you can submit your cancellation request on or On receipt of your request, our accounts department will contact you for issues on cancellation and will advise you related to further process. Until you don't get cancellation mail from our accounts team, your cancellation won't be considered valid.


Sankalp computer & Systems Pvt. Ltd. adopts various refund policies related to different services. For more details refer to individual service agreement.

Sankalp computer & Systems Pvt. Ltd. does not guarantee 100% refunds for the cancellation of its service. We will act upon the agreement signed, accepted on email, signed electronically or physically signed between the client and Sankalp computer & Systems Pvt. Ltd. for outside India and for Indian client as well. Based on the work completed we will deduct the amount & can refund accordingly.

Sankalp computer & Systems Pvt. Ltd. does not offer any reimbursement for transaction charges (And or bank charges), Amount paid to third parties, for the services already rendered or any other miscellaneous charges, that are non-recoverable for Sankalp computer & Systems Pvt. Ltd.

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