Frequently Asked Questions


You can get the signed NDA from Sankalp to make sure your idea is secured and not spread anywhere else except our trustworthy team assigned for your project.

If the ready-to-use app serves your business requirements then you should definitely go with it, but you have to understand that ready-to-use apps developers are seldom open to customization or charge huge amounts for minor customization. In case you feel that you might need some kind of customization for your business, then it is advisable to go for custom app development. It may result in a bit larger investment than ready-to-use app, but it will have be completely customized to suit your business requirements.

Yes, with a minimal hourly charge; you can utilize our skills to build your plans.

Sir, it is as good as asking why buy a Maruti Swift when you can buy a car like Nano which is cheaper. Not everything that’s cheap is good. Most businesses give excellent service until a deal is closed and then it’s chaos. On the contrary, we are known and recommended by our clients for our excellent pre-sales as well as after-sales services. We respond to 99% of enquiries within 1 business day and take action on issue tickets within minutes of receiving it. We have dedicated UI/UX designer for designing an app with a beautiful and user-friendly UI and equally efficient developers who ensure that your app does not fail to function as expected.

  • 1. Advance – 40%
  • 2. Requirement Analysis – 0%
  • 3. Design & Consultation – 0%
  • 4. App Development – 40%
  • 5. Submission to App Store – 20%
  • A. Primarily there are 3 ways you can generate through your app
  • 1. Paid In-App Features - you can keep certain app features available on payment
  • 2. Download Paid Application – depending upon your requirement, you can keep your app as Pay per Download model
  • 3. Advertisements – display Ads in the app
  • 1. We provide 3 month free support period
  • 2. Bug fixing and database maintenance
  • 3. Providing support 24*7 for all priority issues
  • 4. Changes, minor or major, are not covered in free support period
  • A. Please visit our website to view Our Work


We are a Microsoft Certified Partner and we have been working on Microsoft technologies since ASP. We are not against Open Source but we prefer working on Microsoft technologies as we get priority support in case we have any issues with any of the Microsoft Tools & Technologies we use.

It basically depends on the geographical location of your target audience. Android mobile phones are widely used in India as compared to US or Europe where Apple phones are more popular. So, in case your target audience is only national i.e. India, then we recommend that you launch an Android app first, then later you can launch the iOS app whenever required. If you identify that your target audience are iPhone users, then you should go with an iOS app first. The way we develop apps, we are prepared to launch apps for both platforms simultaneously, so even that is not an issue in case you choose to launch both apps at the same time.

A. Prior to taking up your project, we will always inform you about which versions of Android/iOS will be supported by our app. New OS releases happen frequently. New or deprecated features are always announced, it is recommended that the app be tested after ever OS release. There are 3 ways it can be achieved –

  • 1. You can test the complete app after every OS version release for respective platform, you will have to invest your time or assign it to someone else to do so,
  • 2. We can test the complete app from our end after every OS version release, but it will be chargeable,
  • 3. Resolve issue when observed, again it may be chargeable if the issue did not occur in earlier version but occurred in latest version due to some significant changes in latest release of affected OS.

A. It primarily depends on your business requirement. Usually an app size ranges between 5 MB to 50 MB. In case of gaming apps, the size is usually larger and can go up to 1 GB or more. We ensure that the app size is at minimum. Another reason for the app size to increase is if the images being used in apps are stored inside the app. We keep only those files which are essential to run the app and remaining we refer from web-server or download to device later.

  • 1. Email Login / 2-factor authentication – Signup using Email ID. Provide additional security using OTP, Google Authenticator, etc
  • 2. Contact Info – Contact picker to read a contact’s details to pre-fill fields in Signup form
  • 3. Search - Allow users to search through their information, preferably with an auto-suggest textbox
  • 4. Photo Gallery - Display all photos in a grid or slider format
  • 5. SMS Notification - Send SMS notifications on desired events and actions
  • 6. Push Notification - Send Push notifications on desired events and actions
  • 7. Email Notification - Send Email notifications on desired events and actions
  • 8. Geo Location - Geo Location is essential for showing current location of a user or nearby store
  • 9. Accept Payment - Start accepting payments on your app in minutes by integrating a payment gateway of your choice (PayU / CCAvenue)
  • 10. Crash Reporting – every app we develop is integrated with an intelligent reporting system which sends us a notification the moment the app crashes or an error occurs. This helps us to analyse and take action even before you (client) may report it.

A. A mobile app is capable to handle any number of users & large quantity data provided the infrastructure is capable enough to serve that data to the mobile app. We usually prefer the client to start on a shared server to host the API & web app and then move on to a dedicated server as your business scales up. If you are sure that your app is going to get heavy traffic from start, then you may directly go for dedicated hosting.

  • There are 2 ways we ensure that your data is safe,
    a) Application –
    i. We develop using coding standards
    ii. We pass data in encrypted format to the API and not in clear text
    iii. We use token based authentication to ensure only valid requests hit the API
    iv. We save crucial information in database in an encrypted form

    b) Web Server –
    i. Access to web-server is allowed only to authorized persons
    ii. Database auto-backups are scheduled at frequent intervals as per business needs to ensure there is no data loss
    iii. Furthermore if required, we also implement server incremental backups to ensure server security and integrity

A.It basically depends upon your requirement. Usually a medium size app takes around 8 – 12 weeks to develop.

We provide 3 month free support period wherein we cater to bug solving. After free period you will have to opt for Paid Support services

A. We in-built an automatic error reporting system in every app we develop, this way we are always intimated whenever an error occurs in your app. As long as you have availed our support services, you can rest assured, the issue will be resolved, depending on its severity, even before you come to know of it.

You will have to pay for the hosting of APIs used in the app, we have our own hosting servers, you can either opt for those or of your own choice.

We usually follow a feature or module development process, wherein after development of every feature or module we will be intimating you for your approval.

You can always change/add new features in your app anytime in the future. Based on your requirement, we will provide you the time estimation and the charges it will incur.

We are capable to provide you a Multi-Lingual as well as a Multi-Currency mobile app. The time required would depend upon the number of languages and currencies you intend to provide.


We prefer our client’s create accounts in their own name. That way the contact information displayed in the App Store is that of the client and not ours. In case of any discrepancies the customer can contact the client directly via the contact information displayed.

  • 1. Google Play – One-time 25 USD cost to create an Android Developer Account
  • 2. Apple iTunes – 99 USD to create an iOS Developer Account, 99 USD account renewal cost for every consecutive year to keep apps LIVE (Apple account is essential to be created prior to starting designing an iOS app)

A. The information essential for deployment is mandatory to be received prior to starting this activity,

  • 1. Google Play – 6 man hours – Google has an automated verification process and the app usually available on Play Store within 1 business day
  • 2. Apple iTunes – 6 man hours – Apple has a manual verification process and it may take anywhere between 7 – 15 business days for the app to be available on App Store
  • 1. Advance – 40%
  • 2. Requirement Analysis – 0%
  • 3. Design & Consultation – 0%
  • 4. App Development – 40%
  • 5. Submission to App Store – 20%


How can I make my app successful?

The success of application purely depends on targeted market and marketing to acquire users. Along with great product, it is very important to have a good marketing plan and budget to gain traction. We have different Digital marketing packages to cater to the promotion of your business idea.

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