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Disclaimer: We do not disclose your information and apply the appropriate security measures to preserve its confidentiality.

Features of Spa & Salon Booking App To Dazzle The Users

Features intended for the end-users, using which the customers can:

  • Book appointments with your favourite stylist.
  • Select the date and time of the appointment.
  • Choose to get salon services at home.
  • Receive notification about the status of the booked appointment.
  • See the catalogue of salon services available.
  • Select the type and number of salon services.
  • See the prices of different services.
  • Receive push notifications about discounts and special offers.
  • Use multiple payment options.
  • Get directions to the location of the salon through the mobile app.
  • Check out the photo gallery of previous haircuts, hairstyles and any other services they are looking for.
  • Leave a review and also see the reviews from other customers.

Features for the salon Owners/Managers, using which they can:

  • Manage the appointment requests of the customers.
  • Schedule or reject appointment requests.
  • Add new services along with their rates.
  • View the ratings and reviews of the customers and make changes accordingly.
  • Manage payments received from the customers.
  • Send notification of the offers, discounts, the addition of new services or any new addition to the salon.

Features intended to help the admins, using which they can:

salon admin
  • Manage all registered salon owners with the app.
  • Manage all requests made by users.
  • Manage the prices of services.
  • Manage the commission to pay and receive.

A Complete Spa and Salon Booking App

Elevate your spa and salon operations with Complete Booking App. Seamlessly integrating reservation management and client engagement, the solution ensures efficiency and precision. From appointment scheduling to staff allocation, experience unmatched convenience to empower your business and enhance customer satisfaction.


Easy Appointments and Scheduling


Centralized Management for Better Control


Expand Customer Outreach


Showcase Your Services


Boost Customer Loyalty


Swift Checkout Process


Build Your Brand


Accessible across multiple locations

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Optimize Operations

Unleashing Salon Software for Business Excellence

Discover a transformative solution that goes beyond scheduling. Our salon software is designed to elevate your business efficiency, streamlining operations and empowering you to focus on what you do best—delivering exceptional salon experiences. From appointment management to client engagement, experience a new level of business optimization. Unlock the potential of your salon with our advanced software suite.

  • Gain a Competitive Advantage
  • Utilize Data Collection and Analysis
  • Enhance Visibility and Reach
  • Leverage Marketing Opportunities through Notifications
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Transform Your Salon and Spa

Elevate and Renew the Client Experience

Experience a revitalized approach to salon and spa management with our innovative booking app. It's more than just a tool; it's a catalyst for transforming the way you do business. From enhancing customer experiences to optimizing operations, discover how our app can revamp your salon, bringing a renewed sense of excellence to every appointment. Embrace the future of beauty services with a transformative touch.


Tailored Journeys

Navigating the Salon Experience with Our Booking App

Salon booking app ensures a seamless experience for both clients and salon owners alike. Clients can easily schedule, reschedule, or cancel appointments, all while choosing their preferred staff members. The system's intelligent features prevent double bookings, guaranteeing optimal utilization of time and resources. Salon owners can able to view all appointments at a glance. This not only streamlines the booking process but also empowers salon owners to allocate resources effectively and enhance overall operational productivity.

  • Book Appointments Online
  • Online Payment Options
  • Real-time Pop-up Notifications
  • Efficient Rating and Feedback Management System

Businesses We Serve

Perfect for beauty professionals and entrepreneurs. Streamline appointments, optimize schedules,
and enhance client experiences effortlessly.


Beauty and Wellness Aggregators


Hair Salons


Massage & Spa Centers


Make Up Artist


Beauty Salons


Barber Shop


Bridal Salon


Skin Clinic

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What our Client's Say

  • "About the company (Sankalp) itself is so transparent. I found the company while i was searching for good IT companies.I had send them an email through website and I was contacted by Sankalp team, was very friendly explained things really well. Had lot of doubts initially But it was perfect when our project was lead by Team sankalp they understood the idea very well And was executed exactly the way we wanted , thr app development team Is also pro at thr was great my app was developed by sankalp and I look forward to work with them on future projects."

    kuwait flag
    • Maria Hussain, Owner
    • GoBookRelax - Kuwait
  • "We want you to know that everyone is fascinated and pleased with the work of your entire team. Working together with sankalp and it is has a very positive experience for us. We are very happy and overly satified with your app development process and as client, looking forward to your continued support with our future planned project"

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    • Mr.Frok Dada & Yan Grop
    • Clean Earth & Golden Network - Sweden
  • "We are really delighted with the technological excellence, consistent performance, flexibility and support offered to us as a reliable app development Partner. The app reached 100+ of download in single day and also trending on Google Play store. thank you team sankalp for developing such a amazing mobile app."

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    • Mr.Zakee Ahmad
    • My Zaam – Srilanka
  • "We want to thank you for the work and energy you have put on realizing this project, we are very much satisfied with the app development process and the level at which the project is at, keep up the good work we appreciate that."

    Author image
    • Mr.Elias ngi & Boriant
    • Human Shield International - Cameroon
  • "GBD (Give back & Drive) would love to thank the sankalp's team for the app development. The support they have been giving us and explaining every details that we don't understand made us easy to work, communication and interact with them. "

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    • Ms.Mika Mbowane
    • Give back & Drive - South Africa
  • "On behalf of our team in Oceania Dream Fulfillers, the founding partners and leaders I take this opportunity to thank Sankalp for having assisted design and develop our software and mobile app"

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    • Mr.Riwata obetaia
    • Oceania Dream Fulfillers - Kiribati (Oceania)

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Do You Want To Build An Salon App?

Frequently Asked Questions

The world is going online. Virtually everything from classrooms to groceries is being delivered through mobile apps. If you are serious about increasing your revenues, you ought to go for an on-demand salon app. Sooner the better.

On-demand apps are in vogue. From big to small corporations, everyone is going for the one as it is very convenient for the customers to choose the service(s), book an appointment and pay online quickly. The on-demand app will also give your brand a distinct identity, a great recall value, and you will be able to promote new offers through push-notifications easily. It is a one-time investment that will give you rich dividends in the medium to long run.

It begins with discussing the idea, the functionalities, who intend to have it and other features you would like to incorporate. Our specialist team then brainstorms and offer suggestions. After receiving the work order, our team starts working on your project, and delivery is made as per the agreed timelines.

The cost depends on the complexity. It also depends on many other factors like platform, features and app design. To get a free quote, please get in touch with our team here.