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An Agile Methodology is a popular approach utilized in the software development process. However, the arena of mobile app development is also influenced by the agile framework lately with most of the prominent mobile app development companies relying on it.

Sankalp, being one of the leaders in the mobile app development industry, is also committed to following this approach with a systematic structure.

Unlike the waterfall approach for software development, agile methodology is a highly flexible and iteration based mechanism. The idea behind adopting this method is to break the entire process into multiple steps that are treated as small and independent modules. Every mini project is handled by a team of experts who dedicatedly commit resources for optimal results.

Sankalp appreciates the fact that agile methodology is highly crucial while developing a mobile app as it renders the scope of improvement at every step thereby producing excellent results in a shorter period.

Our clients get feasible and enough opportunities to check the semi-developed model of their project at multiple points of time instead of waiting for the final product at the end. Under an agile framework, we ensure that our experts work in collaboration with clients and incorporate their feedback for improvising the quality of the mobile app.

As we go agile while developing a mobile app for your business, it is possible to see the benefits accrued to you when you choose Sankalp as your trusted mobile app development partner.

Shorter turnaround time

Frequent re-evaluations

Inherent flexibility to incorporate changes during development

Open channels of communication with clients

Inputs from domain experts at every stage

Optimal resource allocation at every phase

Concurrent Testing

Continuous Risk management

Client-centric approach

Faster Upgrades

Capable of meeting clients’ requirements flawlessly

Adaptability towards market changes

Higher Client satisfaction rates

Better Returns on Investment

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SCRUM: Agile Development Methodology

Scrum refers to the agile framework which is characterized by frequent team meetings and incremental iterations for incorporating sudden changes directed by clients. This methodology is quite beneficial in case of ambiguity.

Three Roles Manage SCRUM

Scrum Master

The Scrum Master is the project manager. He is responsible for the smooth execution of the entire project. He acts as a bridge between the Product Owner and the Scrum Team.

Product Owner

The Product Owner is the client. He is responsible for maintaining the Product Backlog and conveying the project details.

Scrum Team

The Scrum Team is the collection of experts, designers, developers and technicians who work as per the directions received from the Scrum Master to accomplish the project goals.

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Components Of SCRUM


Each iteration of a scrum is called Sprint.

Daily Sprint Meeting

Regular meetings to monitor the performance at each sprint.


It is the list where all the details are recorded by the client to get the final product.

Sankalp is a reputed mobile app development company with a philosophy of delivering the best while assimilating the best. Scrum agile methodology can improve the quality of your mobile app development project by manifolds. So, this time when you think of developing a mobile app, go agile with Sankalp.

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