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The eCommerce App Development is a need today. Ecommerce market has exploded with the advent of smartphones, powered by eCommerce apps. The growth is so phenomenal that it makes very strong business sense to go for your eCommerce app. Just look at the market size: in 2019, the eCommerce world market size was USD 3.53 trillion, which is expected to grow to USD 6.54 trillion by 2023.

We have become used to doing things by flipping through the apps or clicking/tapping a few buttons on our mobiles or laptops. Mobility has added fuel to all online businesses' growth as more than 50% of internet traffic flows through mobile phones today.

Ditto with online shopping as more than 50% of shopping happens through mobile phone devices. So, it is imminent for all serious businesses to have their custom developed eCommerce App. It is also known as Retail App or Shopping App.

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Types of eCommerce / shopping or Retail Mobile Apps

eCommerce Mobile Apps

Ecommerce App Development To Reshape The Traditional eCommerce Store Into A Smart Mobile App

ecommerce app development

Get Your eCommerce App Loaded with Awesome Features

Customer Panel

As the name suggests, the panel is intended to be used by the end-user or the customer. Below are some of the features that your customers would love to see in your Retail app.

Multiple Payment Methods

A wide range of payment methods is available worldwide, including UPI. Flawless integration of all the payment methods lends the customer to choose his/her preferred way to pay easily on your retail app.

Multilingual Support

If you plan to launch your mobile app in multiple countries that speak different languages, this feature will help the users transact in their preferred local languages in your ecommerce mobile app.

Social Media
Social Media Login

This is the preferred choice of the customers as everyone has a social media account. This feature helps the customers to login in the shopping mobile app using one of their social media accounts within seconds.

WishList (Add To Favourites) & Shopping Carts

This is to help the customers shortlist the products they are interested in buying immediately or later in your shopping mobile app.

Customer Reviews & Ratings

This helps the customer to make the buying decision based on ratings and reviews of other buyers, which is a potent tool for increased sales.

Profile Settings

This feature lets the user create/change his/her profile as per the liking. This creates a personal touch to the retail app which binds the user to it.

Push Notifications

A very effective way of reaching out to the customer with new offers, products and discounts.

Discount Coupons & Promo Codes

Customers love discounts. Through this feature, the customers can be offered promo codes to entice them to buy more products.

Product Categorization

This feature ensures ease of search and navigation within the shoping app.

Vendor Panel

The vendor panel is meant to help the vendors remain in complete control through the below options:

  • Login Input with Login ID & Password
  • Dashboard Management
  • Manage product category/subcategory
  • Manage promotions, rewards, and points
  • Account settlement of vendors
  • Vendors business intelligence reports
Admin Panel

Admin panel is for the business owners/admins. Through these features, one can have total control of the entire business processes

Live Dashboard

Helps in monitoring and functioning of the entire business through this interactive and live dashboard.

Product management
Product Management

To add, modify, delete the products, and showcase the product lines effectively.

order Management
Order Management

This is to ensure the goods are delivered on time, every time.

Special Offers
Special Offers

Admins can create special offers for their vendors or the customers (as the case may be) through this feature.

Vendor Management
Vendor Management

This feature is to manage the vendors who sell through your eCommerce mobile platform.

Order History
Order History

This helps in business intelligence as well as for future reference, including handling litigations, if any.

Staff Management
Staff Management

The admins can easily keep track of all the staff members through this feature.

Business Reports
Business Reports

Admins can generate and access all the relevant business reports for further analysis and necessary action.

Track Consignments
Track Consignments

You can track all the consignments until they reach to the customers.

Add-on Features of ecommerce app

These optional features could also be deployed on your custom eCommerce Mobile App

Social Integration
Import/Export product
Wallet options
Customized dashboard
Store pickup
Credit facility
EMI facility
Live location
Loyalty card
Daily deals
Bulk Product Listings

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When It Comes To Your Mobile App, Expect The Best From Our Ecommerce App Development Experts

100% Customization

We are known for creating world-class mobile apps. You can expect us to provide tailored solutions that make your application stand-out amid other similar apps.

On Time Delivery Is Our Promise

Without compromising in Quality, Functionality, Features & the polishing of mobile app, we promise to deliver the app on time.

Contemporary UI/UX

Our application designers and developers adhere to the latest industry standards to provide a seamless and engaging user experience for our prestigious clients.

Latest Technology Stack

Our developers combine their experience and knowledge with innovations and trendy technologies to create applications that will never fail to impress.

Real-Time Interaction Solutions

You can create new benchmarks with exemplary customer service with our live chat tool which help you address your users' queries and concerns in real-time.

Support And Service

We ensure that each of our staff members is fully dedicated to the customer's requirement. We have a trail of over 20 years of astounding service and support.


We perform various quality checks and tests at each stage of the eCommerce app development process to deliver a flawless end product to our customers.

Cost-Effective & Timely Solutions

We offer value at affordable prices. Partner with us to build the best affordable eCommerce app in the shortest time possible without compromising on quality.

Data Security

We apply reliable security technologies and make sure for regular updates on shopping carts and data backups to reduce the risk of data theft and malicious.

If You Want To Remain Ahead in The Curve, You Must Have The Perfect Ecommerce App Solution

Engage with your customers through effective push notifications and keep them updated on new offers and products. As enumerated above, the mobile economy is booming and already worth billions of dollars; launch your e-commerce app for global profit. Communicate with customers and clients around the world through your mobile eCommerce App.

The rise of smartphones

Mobile commerce is on its way to becoming the default way to transact. Smartphone sales account for more than half of eCommerce revenue, be smart remain ahead in the curve.

Personalized Experience

With user data, you can create a personalized shopping experience for customers that increase your brand's value and increase user engagement and, of course, revenues.

Better Customer Loyalty

Users keep only the apps they like. With the help of a well-designed app, you can retain your customers for longer and turn them into indirect advocates for your brand, your free brand ambassadors!

Consumer Preference

It has been established that consumers prefer to buy through apps. They are more likely to download your app than visit your website. You have got to honor the customers' preferences; otherwise, we all know what happened with some of the biggest corporations like Kodak, Nokia, and Blackberry!

Higher Conversion Rate

You can easily communicate with your clients using push-notifications. Just blast the new offers and see the magic! With the help of push notifications and more average usage, conversion rates through mobile apps boost businesses worldwide.

Response Time

It is a major concern. Mobile apps are much faster and proactively time saver than websites. Data transmission time is ten times less. Customers can use filters to search specific products, also they can shortlist the products and keep in whishlist for future.

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Online shopping app development cost would depend on multiple factors but not restricted to the below-mentioned ones:

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Number of platforms

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It is a well-known fact that mobile traffic is increasing by the day. For many companies like Amazon and Flipkart, more than 50% of the business comes through their mobile apps. If you are keen on building your business and take it to the next level in the coming years, you have to stay with the trends.

Statistics reveal that by 2023, the world eCommerce market will swell to USD 6.54 trillion, huge. Businesses who sync their businesses around mobile apps are bound to get a pie of this burgeoning market size.

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