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Looking for the perfect match when it comes to matrimonial app development? Here’s why Sankalp is the app development partner your business needs.

Sankalp is a premier ISO certified mobile app development company, known for its feature-rich, future proof apps. For a matrimonial app, Sankalp’s app development team focuses on the following basic and advanced features, to create the perfect app for matchmaking success.

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Features Offered In Matrimonial App Development

Email ID Registration

Here, the user registers with the app or signs up through an email ID. Using an OTP or SMS notification, the registration process can be through your valid email ID. Sankalp’s apps offer easy sign up and quick forms to complete valid profile details.

Profile Verification

Sankalp’s team will design a matrimonial app that verifies profiles through mobile number or email notifications. The process will be geared towards making the registration process seamless and quick.

Generate Desired Profiles

A key feature of the matrimonial app will be the capability to generate desired partner profiles, based on needs, preferences and requirements of the match seeker.

Setting Up Personal Interests

Delineating the hobbies, recreational activities, interests and the kind of person they are is easy for match seekers using Sankalp’s user-friendly matrimonial apps.

Add Favorite Profiles

App users can also add profiles they are interested in, into their favorite. They can view the list in a separate favorite category. This will make your app popular among users.

Send Interest

Expressions of interest in matrimonial profiles can easily be sent through Sankalp’s apps.

Membership Package

Customers are offered paid membership packages through the matrimonial app easily. Membership packages can easily be accessed online through the smartphone application Sankalp’s team will design for your matrimonial company.

Notifications and Alerts

Users can be easily notified about app-related news and paid packages via SMS or email notifications or alerts using Sankalp’s flawless smartphone apps.

Detailed Profiles

Matrimonial app users can create a detailed profile, covering the contact details, work or career linked qualifications and experience, profession, location, physical attributes, personality characteristics, family income and household size.

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Glimpses Of Matrimonial App And Admin Panel

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matrimony app

Advanced Features served In Matrimonial App Development

These are features that can be developed on demand for Sankalp’s clients looking for innovative, cutting-edge matrimonial apps.

Chat Integration

The quality of your matrimonial app can go notches up with chat integration so individual app users can benefit from easy UX, UI and interface.

Add trust Badge

The trust badge indicating security and confidentiality are in place will further boost the reach of your matrimonial app. Sankalp offers secure and safe matrimonial apps, so your users don’t have to worry about data leakage.

Feedback form

The feedback form is an integral part of matrimonial apps designed by Sankalp. It covers the feedback critical for measuring the impact and reach of the app.

Request for Call back

Your matrimonial app also will have a call back feature, facilitating the application’s impact.


The app will be available in different languages and cater to the needs of niche user segments from different parts of the country. Multilingual and multifaceted apps are a specialty of Sankalp.

Real-time Analytics

The matrimonial app has real-time analytics features embedded in it. This makes it easier to analyze and understand the working and reach of the app.

User Blocking Feature

This useful app feature ensures irrelevant profiles or users are automatically blocked.

Multiple Payment

Multiple payment gateways can be incorporated for safe, secure and confidential transactions.

Benefits of Matrimonial App Development By Sankalp

Publicize Your Business of Matrimony App

Spreading the word and generating a buzz about your matrimonial or matchmaking company was never easier. Choose apps that mirror your business goals and commitments for dedicated match making. This helps in marketing the matrimonial company. It also serves to showcase packages and offerings. An app can spread publicity about your business and grow your brand as a matrimonial agency.

Strengthens Your Reputation with Matrimony App

Further, the matrimonial app will serve as a useful interface, bridging the gap between match seekers and matrimonial agencies. Customer acquisition and retention will be easier for your matrimonial agency. The app will strengthen your business reputation in the market and help you to attract users across niches and segments.

Focusing On A Huge Proportion Of Customers for Matrimony

The matrimonial app also permits focus on a wide range of customers. The matrimonial app development business is steadily expanding and users are increasingly preferring the matrimonial app for finding their life partners. This will also serve to grow and develop your business.

Magnifies The Traffic To Your Matrimony App

If your matrimonial app comes with intuitive design and user-friendly features, it can increase traffic to your app and your matrimonial website. Sankalp offers distinctive matrimonial apps that add incredible value to your business.

Gains You Customer Trustworthiness For Your Matrimonial Business

Building customer trust and brand credibility is easy with a matrimonial app. The app keeps user information secured and renders the best features to help in gaining customer support.

Cost Of Matrimonial App Development For Your Business

Functionality and the purpose of the application

Matrimonial apps can have diverse functionalities and versatile purposes. This is why a full-featured matrimonial app can impact development price. So, choose a reliable and affordable solutions provider like Sankalp for economically viable app development.

Design of the application

When creating a world-class matrimonial app, the design is a key feature. Amazing UI and UX have a crucial role to play in attracting customers and impacting the app. The cost of engaging UI/UX designers is within the budget, When you hire an app development company like Sankalp with proven expertise at developing apps at pocket-friendly rates.

App platforms

Another cost-impacting factor is the price of matrimonial app development. The platform on which the app is launched also impacts its cost. Consider that iOS apps cost more, as they have to be tested on multiple devices. On the other hand, Android apps are really cost-effective.

Various Integrations

Integrations demand a lot of investment in early stages, but offer good returns when you hire a company like Sankalp that offers value for money.

Mobile app development company

Choose a leading mobile app development company to get the best features at reasonable costs. Based on its impressive testimonials and portfolio, Sankalp proves its expertise for meeting the app development needs of an array of clients.

Native type or Hybrid type

Hybrid or native apps on single platforms impact the working of the application. While native apps are conventional and offer many functionalities, hybrid apps stream on various platforms, consume less time, money and effort. So, choosing the right hybrid app development partner is essential. Sankalp’s mobile app development team is skilled at building bespoke hybrid matrimonial apps to meet your needs.

Post-Developmental features of the Application

When apps go live on the app store, customers report flaws and bugs. With Sankalp’s round the clock maintenance, all issues can be easily and effectively sorted out.

Security of the application

When it comes to digital apps, security is a big concern. The data of the app must remain confidential. For secure and well-designed apps, look no further than Sankalp.

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Why Matrimony Apps are getting so popular

With parents and the prospective bride or groom moving past classified ads and marriage brokers, the web offers some excellent platforms to categorize search requirements and filter profiles based on the needs of the match seeker. Matrimonial apps designed by top companies like Sankalp are growing the value of the matrimonial agencies and matchmaking companies worldwide.

The benefits of matrimonial apps for consumers are many, but here are the most important ones.

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