UI/UX Design

What is UI & UX?

UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) form the core of a successful mobile application developed by Sankalp. UX is a technical and analytical field. In contrast, UI design refers to graphics and visuals accompanying the app.

UI/UX:Winning Customer’s Hearts Every time!

UI/UX designers at Sankalp help your business to win customer's hearts and grab mindshare as well as wallet share. Ensure that the company stays ahead of competitors and acquires a winning edge, by choosing our premier app development team specializing in UI and UX design.

What is essential to create an appealing UI & UX?

For the perfect UI and UX, you need a design that speaks to customers and values their interaction. It's not just about the look and feel of the app. The app should be designed so that it functions optimally.

What UX Stands For

UX design should create a meaningful and relevant experience for app users. It integrates branding, design, functionality, and usability. It covers various aspects of the user interaction with the app, impacting the navigability and efficiency of the application. UX design is dynamic and modified considerably throughout the comprehensive app development. User experience design involves researching, developing, and improving user app interaction. Apps can be tailored to customer requirements when the goal is to design a better digital experience using UX design.

UX design principles range across the following:

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A full UX Design Stack comprises different elements, such as:

UI Design Surface

UI Wireframe through Interaction and Interface Design

UI Structure determined by User Flows and Information Architecture

UI Scope based on Functional Specifications plus Content Requirements.

UI Strategy associated with Project Goals and User Needs

What Does UI Cover?

UI revolves around the visual appearance of the app. This leads to a compelling visual design for an incredible user experience.

Elements of UI design include text, documents, images, videos;

Forms include buttons, text fields, tags, drop-down lists, checkboxes, graphic designs

Behaviors or actions following the user’s click/drag/enter.

UI is typically a blend of Interaction Design and Visual Design.

UI Design Parts

Visual Design

Engaging the audience with user-centered app development principles. This includes color, layouts, space, typography, photography, and illustrations.


Choosing the right color is essential because of mental associations with emotions.

Graphic Design

This involves combining images, typography, and motion graphics to pursue pixel-perfect apps.


Full-size model of the design used for a demo is a mock-up. This makes the interface more understandable.


This derives font style, structure and appearance, and influences communication art.

UI/UX Processes

For understanding what the user wants, user expectations, behaviors, and preferences need to be monitored. This includes successful processes and solutions to meet the user every step of the way during the app use. App design and development is all about effective collaboration. This involves an in-depth understanding of the problem the client seeks to solve and designing an app as per business needs and requirements. Key performance indicators, target markets, competitor values, and the client's brand identity must be taken into consideration.

Various types of user testing processes are then followed. Functional testing, usability testing, and other types of evaluation ensure apps are user-centric. Test, update, and launch is ongoing. Implementation and production are also part of this phase. Following the testing, there is a beta launch, followed by a release on app stores. Analysis in the post-launch stage in UI/UX design involves iterations and updates following feedback. Post-launch maintenance and troubleshooting are also part of the UI/UX design process.

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