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Standard Features

Email Login / 2FA

Sign up using the classic Email and password method

Contact Info

Contact picker to read a contact’s details to pre-fill fields in Signup form


Allow users to search through their information, preferably with an auto-suggest textbox

Photo Gallery

Display all photos in a grid or slider format

SMS Notification+

Send SMS notifications on desired events and actions

Push Notification

Send Push notifications on desired events and actions

Email Notification

Users may receive automated promotional emails on regular intervals or on performing an activity

Geo Location

Geo Location is essential for showing current location of a user or nearby stores or vehicle tracking

Accept Payment++

Start accepting payments on your app in minutes

Crash Reporting

Be the first to know when things go south and don’t work as intended


100 hrs


8 to 10 pages



+ - SMS Integrator Plus account integration
++ - Any one of PayU, CC Avenue


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