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Job Search App Development - Job search on the go!

Over the last few years, there has been a sea change in the way we transact online. Virtually everything - right from booking flight tickets to matchmaking, from finding a salon to ordering food, everything is happening through the mobile apps. Job search is no exception. More and more people are looking for their dream jobs while on the go, for this, they only trust a reliable Job Search Mobile App.

Just look at the US's staffing and recruiting industry market size: USD 151.8 billion (2019). This figure gives us the job search market perspective—a scintillating reason to dive into the lucrative job search market with your own Job Recruitment Mobile App.

Worldwide job losses will further accentuate the need for reliable job search options for millions of people, including millions of job seekers who enter the workforce every year in India. The timing to go for On-Demand Job Search App Development could not have been better!

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Benefits of Job Seeker App Development

A job portal app is a win-win proposition for all the stakeholders.

Admins/App Owners

  • Create multiple streams of revenue through the recruiter's premium posts.
  • Create an impact by solving real problems (unemployment) of real people.
  • Extensive search: Agency throughout the globe can post their job openings on job search apps.
  • Job alerts: Job Search apps assist in delivering job notifications through email and text messages to job seekers regularly
  • Reach the most job seekers today: The job Search App offers employers the most comprehensive and diverse talent pool of job seekers.
  • Job searching app for employers enhance their productivity
  • Job portal apps incorporate value-added services like writing a resume for job seekers, job questionnaires for recruiting agencies.


  • Recruiters can quickly post new jobs, edit or delete the job postings.
  • Companies get access to an untapped pool of talent through job mobile apps.
  • Recruiters can easily shortlist and download candidates' resumes.
  • Can easily schedule interviews via phone or video conferencing.


  • Unmatched ease in browsing and applying for jobs while on the go.
  • Can easily keep track of new job postings through push notifications.
  • Interact with potential employers through the facility of In mail or chat.
  • Create multiple profiles for different job niches.

What's on Offer by Sankalp?

Sankalp has been delivering world-class software and mobile applications in different niches for 20 years, serving clients across 50 countries! We are poised to offer best-in-class Job Portal App or Rojgar App Development for all your job search app solution business with such a tremendous experience behind us.

The top-notch job portal app will have:

• Job Seeker Panel

• Recruiter Panel

• Admin Panel

Job Seeker Panel

  • Easy login option through social sign in.
  • Ability to upload/download resume.
  • Creating multiple profiles for different job positions.
  • Ability to reach out through notification.
  • Bookmark/save jobs.
  • Receive push notifications.
  • Receive new job alerts through push notifications and email.
  • Apply directly to multiple job openings.

Recruiter Panel

  • Multiple login options.
  • Creating the company profile.
  • Creating/editing job postings.
  • Ability to reach out to prospective job seekers through all possible outreach methods, including email and phone.
  • Filter resumes based on location, experience, expected salary, skills, and other parameters.
  • Ability to download resumes.
  • Schedule interviews via telephone or video conferencing.
  • Ability to pay for the plan subscription.
  • Renew/cancel the subscription.

Admin Panel

  • Manage and moderate job postings.
  • Subscription package management.
  • Advertisement management.
  • Job Seeker and employee statistics.
  • Content management.
  • Reports management.
  • Real-time Analytics
  • In-app communication through live chat
  • Integrating the digital payment option
  • Job questionnaires


Full-size model of the design used for a demo is a mock-up. This makes the interface more understandable.


This derives font style, structure and appearance, and influences communication art.

Business Model For Job Search Apps

Mobile recruiting apps can have one of the following business models

Business to Business (B2B)

B2B model constitutes a significant revenue stream for the owners of job search apps. Right from start-ups to big corporations, companies of all sizes use the various recruitment services on offer. The bouquet of services includes a complete hiring lifecycle, starting from the JobJob listing to sending interview invites, interview scheduling, email, and SMS outreach options, among tons of other features.

B2B is a very lucrative vertical as most companies are increasingly hiring through third-party recruitment portals/apps. Some of the prime examples are lever, greenhouse, breezy, JazzHR, workday, and workable.

Business to Consumer/Customer (B2C)

Here, the consumer is the job seeker looking to find the right JobJob for him/herself. This is a massive market as there is a shortage of jobs across the globe. Covid-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc as millions worldwide have either lost jobs or people are being forced to continue on lower salaries. All this has triggered the job search market as people are aggressively looking to find or switch careers.

B2C model offers candidates all the tools to get hired, like access to premium jobs (on payment basis), resume writing, and LinkedIn profile.

Membership Packages & Featured Listing

Membership packages comprise a significant revenue source because it helps generate a regular income every month. Another monetization technique is to feature the profile of paying employers on your home page.

Third-Party Advertising

Advertising is a popular and effective way to monetize your app. when a company or an intermediary advertisement company places an ad on your app, you get paid for the same as per the agreed rates.

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Ticket Sales & Reservations for Business Events

Webinars are a fad these days. You can host webinars with industry experts for tips and training, helping job seekers improve their career prospects. These sessions can be very fruitful for an individual's vocational development.

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E-learning Subscription

This is another creative way to increase your app revenue. You can offer various paid courses that focus on the professional development of job applicants. This can further legitimize your brand as the go-to resource for serious job seekers.

Transform your Business with Feature Rich Mobile App

Unmatched features of having a job search app development


Candidates can rate and review recruiters and also they can find the job on job search mobile app. We help you to improve the quality of your services and apps.

Indexing The Uploaded Documents

Candidates and recruiters can access uploaded documents such as a resume, job descriptions, and questionnaires in the job search mobile app.

Advanced Search

Advanced search for job portal app allows candidates and recruiters to search for the right jobs, companies and applicants, providing the necessary input.

Communication Of Messages

Candidates and recruiters can communicate with each other directly from the job recruitment mobile app.

Voice Calls

Recruiters and candidates can make voice calls directly from the app using the job portal app's phone calls feature.

Featured Summary

Candidates can choose subscription plans to highlight their job search and resume applications to increase the chances of being hired.

Profile Administrator

Candidates and recruiters can easily manage their profiles by providing necessary and advanced details in job search applications.

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  • "We want you to know that everyone is fascinated and pleased with the work of your entire team. Working together with Sankalp and it is has a very positive experience for us. We are very happy and overly satisfied with your app development process and as a client, looking forward to your continued support with our future planned project"

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  • "We are really delighted with the technological excellence, consistent performance, flexibility and support offered to us as a reliable app development Partner. The app reached 100+ downloads in a single day and also trending on Google Play store. Thank you, team Sankalp for developing such an amazing mobile app."

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  • "We want to thank you for the work and energy you have put on realizing this project, we are very much satisfied with the app development process and the level at which the project is at, keep up the good work we appreciate that."

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  • "GBD (Give back & Drive) would love to thank the Sankalp's team for the app development. The support they have been giving us and explaining every detail that we don't understand made us easy to work, communicate and interact with them."

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    • Ms.Mika Mbowane
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  • "On behalf of our team in Oceania Dream Fulfillers, the founding partners and leaders I take this opportunity to thank Sankalp for having assisted design and develop our software and mobile app"

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Job search app development cost varies from project to project depending on several parameters such as platform (Android or iOS), features, customization requirements, among others. Please reach out to us for a detailed discussion and a free quote here.

We have readily deployable solutions. If you are not looking for unique, specialized, or custom features, we can deliver the solution within two weeks. This time is necessary to configure your specific brand's applications and publish them in the application store and the play store.

Mainly, the application development time depends on the following:

- Size of the application development
- Food delivery app type
- Advanced functions if any
- Customization if necessary

Through job search app development, you help society by connecting job seekers with employers. Still, at the same time, you make good money through multiple revenue streams like Google Adsense, priority job listings, resume highlight, among other many streams.

Yes, of course, Sankalp is a leading app developer and web technology solutions provider serving clients from 50+ countries for over 20 years! To discuss your project, please get in touch with our specialists here.

After-sales support entirely depends upon the contract clause; consequently, it will run as long as the agreement stipulates.

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