Email Login

Sign up using the classic Email and password method

Social Login

Sign-up using a Social media account such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Linkedin


Dashboards often provide at-a-glance views of key information relevant to the business

Two-Factor Authentication

User needs to provide additional information above a simple password to perform an activity

Custom Map Markers/Regions

User can select an area on the map, display custom icons to differentiate between different locations

Geo Location

Essential for showing current location of a user or nearby stores or vehicle tracking


Use the device’s magnetometer sensor to auto-rotate maps depending on the physical orientation

Google Maps

Show a digital map with data points, e.g. venue location, user location, etc.

Contact Info

Contact picker to read a contact’s details to pre-fill fields in Sign-up form


Capture Photos using the device Camera


Capture Videos using the device Camera

Cloud Sync

Sync data on cloud across all devices

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Shopping Cart

Users can browse through the product catalog and can add the chosen items to cart for purchasing

QR Code

QR Code is useful to scan and find directions of a location or to open a URL or to add an item to a cart

Rating or Reviews

Essential for understanding Customer satisfaction, reviewing a product or restaurant


Use case can be to scan a product barcode to add to cart


Users can categorize information which is useful for others to find relevant information


Surveys for user inputs to make decision on a business strategy or product/service feedback

Social Sharing

User can share information on their Social media accounts

Calendar Integration

Capture and/or display information in a Calendar format

Device Sensors

Use various device sensors such as Gestures, Accelerometer to perform an action

Health Data

Use the Pedometer sensor to count Steps, use reminders for taking meds, etc.

Accept Payment

Start accepting payments on your app in minutes

Gallery - Photo/Video

Display all photos/videos in a grid or slider format

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News Listing

User can be kept updated with the latest News related to your business and app

SMS Integration

Send SMS notifications on desired events and actions

Push Notification

Send Push notifications on desired events and actions

Email / Mailing List

Users may receive automated promotional emails on regular intervals or on performing an activity


Allow users to search through their information, preferably with an auto-suggest textbox

Event Listing

User can be kept updated with the latest Events hosted related to your business and app

Dynamic Content

User generated content related to the business

Custom User Interface

Get your app UI designed according to your specific requirements

App Icon Design

We have the expertise to design a logo which depicts your business

Usage Analytics

Know who are your users, where are they from and how they are using the app

Crash Reporting

Be the first to know when things go south and don’t work as intended

Multi-Lingual Support

Display content in different languages as per the user's preference

Multi-Currency Support

Accept payments in different currencies in different countries

3rd Party API Integration

Maybe a news feed integration

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