Our Features

  • Email Login

    Sign up using the classic Email and password method

  • Social Login

    Sign-up using a Social media account such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Linked In

  • Two-Factor Authentication

    User needs to provide additional information above a simple password to perform an activity

  • Dashboard

    Dashboards often provide at-a-glance views of key information relevant to the business

  • Contact Info

    Contact picker to read a contact’s details to pre-fill fields in Signup form

  • Geo Location

    Geo Location is essential for showing current location of a user or nearby stores or vehicle tracking

  • Compass

    Use the device’s magnetometer sensor to auto rotate maps depending on physical orientation

  • Google Maps

    Show a digital map with data points, e.g. venue location, user location, etc

  • Custom Map Markers/Regions

    User can select an area on map, display custom icons to differentiate between different

  • Camera/Photo

    Capture Photos using the device Camera

  • Camera/Video

    Capture Videos using the device Camera

  • Barcode

    Use case can be to scan a product barcode to add to cart

  • QR Code

    QR Code is useful to scan and find directions to a location or open a URL or add an item to cart

  • Rating or Reviews

    Essential for understanding Customer satisfaction, use case might be short-listing a product or restaurant

  • Tags

    Users can categorize information useful for others to find relevant information

  • Surveys

    Surveys for user inputs to make decision on a business strategy or product/service feedback

  • Social Sharing

    User can share information on their Social media accounts

  • Calendar Integration

    Capture and/or display information in a Calendar format

  • Cloud Sync

    Sync data on cloud across all devices

  • Device Sensors

    Use various device sensors such as Gestures, Accelerometer to perform an action

  • Health Data

    Use the Pedometer sensor to count Steps, use reminders for taking meds, etc.

  • Shopping Cart

    Users can browse through the product catalogue and add chosen ones to cart for purchasing

  • Accept Payment

    Start accepting payments on your app in minutes

  • Search

    Allow users to search through their information, preferably with an auto-suggest textbox

  • Gallery - Photo/Video

    Display all photos/videos in a grid or slider format

  • 3rd Party API Integration

    Maybe a news feed integration

  • SMS Integration

    Send SMS notifications on desired events and actions

  • Push Notification

    Send Push notifications on desired events and actions

  • Email / Mailing List

    Users may receive automated promotional emails on regular intervals or on performing an activity

  • Dynamic Content

    User generated content related to the business

  • News Listing

    User can be kept updated with the latest News related to your business and app

  • Event Listing

    User can be kept updated with the latest Events hosted related to your business and app

  • Custom User Interface

    Get your app UI designed to your specific requirements

  • App Icon Design

    We have the expertise to design a logo which depicts your business

  • Usage Analytics

    Know who are your users, where are from and how they are using the app

  • Crash Reporting

    Be the first to know when things go south and don’t work as intended

  • Multi-Lingual Support

    Display content in different languages as per user preference

  • Multi-Currency Support

    Accept payments in different currencies in different countries6


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