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Not only has the technology advanced but also the malware practices and the cases of mobile app security failures have reached the next level! The safety of enterprise and business mobile apps is of paramount importance in preventing the privacy of users from being get compromised. Mobile Apps data security is an issue of significant concern for Sankalp Computer & Systems Pvt. Ltd. as a reliable mobile app development company. For us, data security is as crucial as implementing the best features and functionalities in a mobile app.

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What are Mobile app security threats?

Android and iOS-based smartphones are vulnerable to multiple types of security threats as they are considered valuable data carriers. Because of the constant connectivity of smartphones with the internet, mobile apps are prone to web-based and application-based threats that may interfere with the functioning of the device. The cyber culprits mainly attack the device credentials, personal and financial data present on the mobile apps and access to the device.

Malware, Spyware, Privacy Threats, Malicious Apps, Phishing scams, Wi-Fi Sniffing, are some of the common threats that can cause severe damage to your data and device.

Best Practices followed by us

As a mobile app developer, we understand our liability towards data security and put extra efforts to ensure that our mobile apps are completely secured and insulated from any malware attack.

We follow below-mentioned practices toward building highly secured mobile apps:

Developing a secure code using an agile methodology that makes it difficult to meddle with the code.

Sandboxing the mobile apps to keep them in a controlled environment thus isolating them from OS.

Encrypting the data by deploying multiple layers and relying on trusted protocols and cryptography tools.

Authenticating and securing APIs whether data rests on the device or remains in transmission.

Using trusted third party libraries and authorising APIS to avoid any mishap.

Rigorously testing app on frequent basis to check any vulnerability.

Multi-level authentication for signing in.

Relying on tamper detection technologies.

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Scanning mobile apps using scanner to diagnose weak server side

Utilising binary hardening techniques

Strengthening the transport layer

Monitoring and checking data leakage points

Limiting the access only to priority documents

Rigorous input validation

Assuring the presence of excellent encryption protocols

Ensuring proper authorisation

Sankalp Computer & Systems Pvt. Ltd. is determined to implement high-level authentication and security measures to put off safety breach, data hacking and data tampering in the mobile apps. We follow a comprehensive policy to shield mobile apps from safety hazards.

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