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A Definitive Guide to Marketing Your Mobile App in 2021

The number of smartphone users worldwide will surpass 3.8 billion by 2021. When combined with the growing penetration of smartphones worldwide, particularly in China, India, and the US, we get a complete picture of the flourishing mobile app market. Just look at the statistics; the mobile app market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 10.4% (between 2020-2024), reaching a market value of US $ 5.274 billion by 2024.


Simultaneously, the number of mobile apps released worldwide on Google Play averages 111,000 per month, which is approximately 3700 mobile apps per day.


In light of the rapidly growing mobile app market, it is critical to have a great mobile app promotion strategy to attract the right audience. If you wish to succeed in this burgeoning mobile app world, it is imperative to design a well-planned mobile marketing strategy and generate a strong market presence.



What is mobile app marketing in the first place?

Mobile app marketing refers to the marketing technique of interacting with app users throughout their entire journey, from the moment they become aware of your mobile app and until they become your loyal users. Mobile app marketing includes five main stages:


  1. The discovery stage involves presenting your mobile application to the target customer base.
  2. The consideration stage focuses on engaging target customers with personalized marketing messages, educating them about the application and its competitive advantages, and the USP.
  3. The conversion stage aims to encourage potential customers to download the app and nurture them during the onboarding process.
  4. the customer relationship stage aims to find your customer’s needs, concerns, and comments to address them accordingly.
  5. The retention stage seeks to keep users interested and satisfied with the application and the overall brand experience.


A Definitive Guide to Marketing Your Mobile App in 2021

To market your mobile app, you need to take a well-defined and strategic approach. Here is the guide to market your mobile app in 2021:


  1. Conduct thorough research on the target market

The most important step in marketing is understanding the market and your target audience. One needs to dig deep into the market to identify potential competitors and their strategies. This data is critical to understanding what methods your competitors are using, what markets/customers they are targeting, and the user experience they provide. Consequently, you can develop novel marketing strategies that will help you stay ahead of the market.


  1. Create buyer personas

Before you could market your mobile app, you have got to know them well. For that, it is critical to identify the ideal customer types and create buyer personas. You need to collect extensive information about their interests, age group, gender, profession, and location, among other critical info. While this data will allow you to create different buyer personas, you can also optimize your marketing strategy through highly targeted and personalized campaigns.


  1. App store optimization

Just as you should optimize your SEO and content marketing strategies to rank higher in search engines, you should also optimize your mobile app to improve your app store ranking. A higher app ranking in the app store increases your app’s potential to be more visible to potential users. When you optimize your app, you will drive more traffic to your app in the app store.


  1. Use social media channels to your advantage

Social media channels like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are excellent tools for boosting your online presence. Social media platforms allow you to connect with your target audience on their preferred channels and encourage customer-brand interaction. Additionally, you can use social media channels to post essential app updates, create relevant blog posts for your app, promote cool offers, and much more.


  1. Create a detailed content strategy

As the name suggests, content marketing involves attracting the right potential customers, educating them, engaging them, and delighting them through meaningful content. Blog posts, long-form content, case studies, white papers, infographics, e-books, and videos are some of the most popular content forms. Content marketing is about creating targeted, quality content that can deliver value to customers.


By creating meaningful content around your mobile app, you can drive traffic, increase conversions, build brand awareness, build trust, and re-engage your leads and users.


  1. Open the two-way communication

Your app will be really useful for your target audience only if it is aligned with the users’ needs and demands. The best way to obtain information about the needs of your users is to communicate with them. You can use in-app messages and push notifications to grab user attention and increase customer retention.


  1. Make the most of user reviews

In the world of digital marketing, how do you trust a brand and its offers? It’s relatively simple – check user reviews of the business and products online.


Online reviews allow potential customers to know the comments and experiences of other users. This also helps them make the right decisions. Therefore, allow your users to review your application on various platforms. This will keep the conversation going and excitement around your mobile app. Also, good reviews will mean better ratings and rankings in the app store.



Creating an effective mobile app marketing strategy is not that difficult as it may seem and is just as important as mobile app development. You need to continually research and stay up-to-date with the latest market and consumer trends, set clear marketing goals, and track key metrics to measure your mobile app marketing plans’ performance. Also, remember never to overdo your app – promote only what you can offer consistently. The goal is to acquire prospects who can become loyal users and eventually become evangelists for your mobile app.


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