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Mobile Apps to Build During Covid-19 Pandemic

Top 5 Mobile Apps to Build During Covid-19 Pandemic

Undoubtedly, we, as humankind, are going through the most challenging times. People around the world are either quarantined or venturing out sparingly. Life had changed enormously since early this year when COVID-19 struck the world un-alarmed. This has resulted in people working from home, students attending online classes, ordering food and medicines more than ever before, and practicing meditation watching videos.

Top 5 Mobile Apps to Build During Covid-19 Pandemic

Each adverse condition opens new doors for solutions. At the same time, COVID-19 has been one of the most significant setbacks in recent history regarding the economy. But at the same time, it has given a tremendous boost to mobile apps. While ordinary people are cursing this depressing situation, smart entrepreneurs utilize this time, starting new enterprises or expanding existing businesses.

Brilliant App idea to keep your business afloat

 To turn this adverse time into an opportunity, we will reveal some exciting and awesome app ideas that can potentially zoom your business to extraordinary heights—excited to know more about these?

Let’s check them out.

 1. Food Ordering Apps or OnDemand App

Zomato, Swiggy, Uber Eats, etc. are some of the leading examples of food delivery applications that have changed the food delivery business landscape and played an essential role in increasing the sales of local food establishments. Eating out or eating outside food is a rising business everywhere. Barring this exceptional time, this trend will continue to grow as disposable incomes would soar because of robust economic factors.

 If you are in the food business or want to enter this field, this is the best time to get your on-demand food ordering app.

 2. Online Communication Apps or Video Conferencing App

Apps like Zoom have become household names as both parents and kids are using the app for WFH (Work From Home) and attending classes online, respectively. Such video conferencing apps will continue to be in demand as schools and universities will offer hybrid classes in the coming years, which is likely to be a new norm in the years to come. Also, may companies like Twitter, HP, and Dell have already asked their employees to work from home permanently.

 This augurs well for more creative online communication apps in demand in the years to come.

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 3. Utility Apps

Apps like Urban Clap, which offers many services, including home salon facilities, have suddenly become so popular simply because people are afraid to even go out for a haircut. Such apps that offer convenience at reasonable prices will always traction people living in a fast-paced urban life.

 4. E-Learning App or Education App

Many companies have started in the edutech space because schools are ill-equipped to offer online classes effectively to their students. These apps provide self-paced lessons, chat utility, live lecture utility, quizzes, and more to learn at their own pace. Other apps provide content and tools for teachers to help conduct classes online. This space will continue to expand in the coming years as schools and colleges will adapt to hybrid learning.

 5. Medicine Delivery App or Health Care App

This is another category that has seen excellent traction in the past few months. These apps have been a boon for the customers as not only do they offer home deliveries, but they also offer huge discounts. Moreover, consumers can rest assured that the medicines are genuine. Apps like 1Mg, NetMeds, and PharmEasy are glaring examples of success in the medicine delivery apps category. COVID or no COVID, such as home delivery apps, will continue to grow in the years to come.


Instead of brooding about COVID-19 and its repercussions on the economy and people’s mental health, it’s time to gear up and find ways that could create long term revenue streams for you. This is the opportune time to get into the action mode and start afresh.

 The above apps indicate that people love products that are well designed and serve the purpose well. You are advised to find your niche and go-ahead to launch your mobile app to expand your business. If you are unsure of the niche, please get in touch with our specialists, who are well trained to understand the client’s needs fully and offer advice that always clicks.

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