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25 Best Mobile App Ideas That Could Change The World in 2021

It is not easy to find an idea that clicks! An idea coupled with a top-notch app can do wonders to catapult your business to soaring heights. That is why it is crucial to devote considerable time to finding that million-dollar app idea. To help you find your next venture, we are compiling a list of 25 brilliant mobile app ideas.

Mobile App Ideas


Go ahead and choose the one that appeals to you the most:

  1. Grocery Apps

Grocery apps in urban areas are already popular. But the market of grocery apps is huge. So It is the best business idea among all other mobile app ideas. You can improvise by adding your own USPs like adding food categories for senior citizens and Jain or Saatvik food. There is so much you can do to and make your grocery app an instant hit. You can also look for creating a Grocery app for any big or small grocery stores in urban as well as village areas.

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  1. Social Connect App

You could create an app for the start-ups that are looking to scale up their operations are need traction among people. An all-in-one social media app can do the trick for these start-ups as they will not be required to create and login to different accounts. They would be able to publish and engage with their audiences through a unified dashboard.


  1. Integrated Medical App

If medical science interests you, think about building a mobile app where, a patient can consult online or seek an appointment, have an online medical prescription and records, order the medicines online from nearby pharmacies or from online pharmacies. It is a future-oriented idea in mobile app ideas.


  1. Student Assistance App

Students are already studying online these days and this online mode is likely to remain in vogue even after the COVID-19 era, at least in hybrid form. Students are always looking for help in assignments, projects and dissertations. You could enroll experts who would help students with their projects/assignment needs.


  1. Food Delivery App With a Twist

Since the food delivery app has become a crowded space, you can innovate with some fresh ideas. For example, create new categories like Organic only, Vegan only, or Jain only. Moreover, you could create an app that allows the users to choose the ingredients of their choice when ordering from a particular restaurant. The food delivery business is one of the demanding businesses and the good money-making ways in mobile app ideas.

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On-Demand Mobile App Ideas Is The Future Of Every Business

  1. Content Discovery App

People are always searching to view or read the content they care about. There is a huge consumption of content and that is growing by every passing day, adding confusion and content overload. Think about creating an app that can ask the user simple questions and suggest content that is coherent with the choice of the person. This will reduce clutter and make life easier for the user.


  1. Shopping App

The shine of shopping apps will never fade as people are increasingly using these apps to shop more than ever before. You could create a niche shopping app like Dog and Cat, an app dedicated to these two animals where everything related to these pets is available online.

Or, you can find a niche like Everything Under INR 499, where you will sell the goods that are priced under Rs.500.

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  1. Table Booking App

As soon as COVID-19 is controlled in the next few months, people will start thronging the restaurants with more vigour. You can help people avoid facing the chaos at the restaurants by allowing them to pre-book a table, along with ordering their food and top it up with additional discounts or cash-backs on their next visit. It is a win-win for all concerned.


  1. Travel App

Use frequent travelers as your brand ambassadors, ask them to help other fellow travelers with their tips and tricks related to particular destinations or in general. If you could help expert travelers via chat within the app, it would be a novel experience for newbie travelers. You can also tie-up with the local restaurants and hotels for commission if travelers use their services through your app. Travel will rebound in 2021 with a vengeance, a great time to create a travel app now!


  1. Deals and Discount App

Just like Skyscanner works to suggest the cheapest air ticket to the users, you can create an app that suggests the websites that are running the biggest discount or offers on various products on their portals. Everyone likes to save money, with the increasing number of people thronging online shopping such a deals app could be a winner for you.


  1. Contact Tracing App

Contact tracing apps might have evolved during the COVID-19 pandemic but they will be the new norm in the post-Covid world, where all companies who care for their employees will be using these contact tracing apps for their well-being and to create a secured workplace.

Many governments across the world are also likely to make contact tracing apps mandatory when the companies start working to their full office strengths later next year. Moreover, no one really knows when the next pandemic will knock on the doors, humankind needs to remain vigilant through the next decade and thereafter.

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Start A Successful Business With Any One Of The Mobile App Ideas


  1. Real-Time Carpooling App

Car-pooling might not be as prevalent today but petrol costs are rising rapidly. Also as people become more aware of the pollution and their responsibility towards climate change, car-pooling is going to be the next big thing. A carpooling not only helps save money but it also helps in socializing, as one meets new people occasionally.


  1. Fitness App

In this busy world, remaining fit is a big task. You can help people either by creating online courses or getting them a choice of finding nearby fitness centers/gyms with discount coupons.


  1. Dating App

Dating is an evergreen niche. With some tweaks, you can take this a notch up and reap benefits. You could offer value-added services like offering couple-safe spaces nearby. You can add value by creating physical meetup groups, where members can meet up at a pre-designated place at an event.


  1. Matrimony App

Just like dating, it is also a very lucrative niche. After tweaks and a few value additions, like booking options for the wedding venues and honeymoon destinations, this is a very profitable niche.

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  1. Jewelry App

You can offer a range of infinite products from imitation to silver, gold, or platinum jewelry. You can also create a dedicated imitation jewelry app, which is highly in vogue, especially among young adults (these days, even boys also wear jewelry!)

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  1. Salon Booking App

Multiple surveys have found that the wellness industry has immense untapped potential as a mere 20% of clients are responsible for 80% of revenues. This means, if the business owner is able to tap the remaining 80% of customers, the revenues will zoom significantly. Salon Booking Apps can help Salons and Spas to increase their revenues manifold through the Salon Booking App.

Business owners can launch combo offers, attractive deals, and special occasion discounts and reach out to their customers via salon booking app. Since men are increasingly spending on their grooming, business owners need to encash this trend and go for a customized salon booking app.

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Salon Booking App



  1. Video Editing Apps

Most social media companies now have their short clips. YouTube offers ‘Shorts’ while Instagram offers ‘Reels’. These are essentially short video clips, less than 60 seconds. These are insanely popular and since the world has an insatiable appetite for video content. An easy-to-use video editor could be a good choice.


  1. Engaging Games

Apps of engaging and heavy-duty gaming apps are loves across the world. Since the potential size of the audience is so huge, it is worth investing in gaming apps. Most gaming apps make millions of dollars and people wait for the new version of the games. They are undoubtedly addictive!



  1. Job Search App

Job is an evergreen niche that will never go down. The increasing population will always fuel the demand for jobs. Moreover, COVID-19 has rendered millions of people around the world jobless. The world will see a few years to get back to the pre-covid era economy. All this while, people will vigorously look for jobs. This is an opportune time for entrepreneurs. They can hop onto the bandwagon and expand their businesses through a custom job search app.

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Mobile App Ideas Will Help You To Stand Out  In The Competitive Market

  1. Eat With Strangers App

This app will allow anyone to invite people around to have a meal together. These people will be random people in a pre-defined vicinity. This way people will not only eat together but connect with new people. An innovative way of socializing over a meal!


  1. Toy Exchange App

Children love toys and they continue to demand new toys every other day, which might not be feasible for many. With more and more families residing in multi-story complexes in cities today, a toy sharing app could be a good idea to look into as the app could be localized to the building level, making the exchange of toys a real possibility.


  1. Restaurant Menu App

This is again, an-evergreen niche as food is the basic necessity that no one can do without. The trend of eating out or food delivery has been rising consistently and it will remain buoyant in the coming years. The next phase of growth in food delivery and eating out trend will come from the tier-2 and tier-3 cities, where people have high aspirational values.

Through the restaurant menu app, the business owner can easily reach out to people who otherwise, we will be out of bounds. Restaurant owners can create lucrative promotions, attractive combos and special discounts to entice a larger number of people through the restaurant mobile app.

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  1. Education App

COVID-19 gave birth to a new way of students’ learning as school and college students attended their classes through lockdown via different apps. While schools somehow managed to use different apps to broadcast the classes live, the experience for the students has not been entirely pleasant and glitch-free.

A hybrid learning is anticipated even after the coronavirus has gone. But a lot of improvement is required to make studying via mobile app a pleasant experience for the students. EdTech entrepreneurs can make use of this opportunity to establish themselves with quality content delivered over a quality education app.


  1. Rent-a-Vehicle App

There is an increasing trend of people rented vehicles in tourist places. Goa is a good example. Here people can easily get a bike on rent at reasonable rates for twenty-four hours or more. Through this app, people will be able to find vehicles of their choice easily. Payment gateway will further ease of use in such an app.


We hope you would be able to find one app idea for your venture from this list. You can always get in touch with our specialists for more mobile app ideas and price quotes. If you have finalized the app idea, you can get in touch with us right now by clicking here.

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