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Top Reasons to Pick IONIC Framework for Mobile Apps

Marketers have understood the significance of having a mobile app strategy to boost the business. However, when it comes to choosing the mobile app development platform, companies have to be realistic and outcome-oriented to achieve optimal results. Some years ago, native apps ruled the market and hybrid apps were accused of lower performance and inefficient results. But the arrival of the ionic framework has changed the destiny of hybrid mobile apps.


Hybrid App Development


Now hybrid apps not only give a look and feel of native but also perform with high efficiency and possess a high aesthetic value. All thanks to the ionic framework because of which this radical change was possible. Let’s consider some first reasons to pick Ionic Framework for hybrid app development.

  1. Backed by robust languages:

    The combination of dominant programming languages like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript enables to develop the best interface for the users.

  2. Cross-platform mobility:

    The ionic app development allows the apps to be executed on multiple platforms with minimal changes.

  3. Open Source:

    The Ionic framework is open source to be utilized for developing mobile apps. Ionic framework enjoys the backup from a massive community of investors and developers who keep on upgrading it.

  4. Free: 

    The Ionic framework is free to utilize for app development. You need not to pay a hefty amount of money for buying the license.

  5. Customizable user interface:

    Ionic comes with many custom components and elements that can be used for enhancing and beautify the user interface.

  6. AngularJS is the bonus:

    The ionic framework takes advantage of several features and functionalities of AngualrJS to create robust and high performing mobile applications.

  7. Low-cost option:

    First ionic app development is free, and secondly, it reutilizes the 98% of code across multiple platforms such as iOS and Android thereby saving time, effort and money.

  8. Cordova Plugins do wonders:

    The ionic framework supports Cordova which enables you to perform multiple of things by accessing different features of the OS. This leads to an optimally performing hybrid mobile app.

  9. Easy Testing:

    With the help of Cordova commands, it is possible to test the ionic developed apps on a desktop.

  10. Community assistance:

    If you get stuck while doing ionic app development, do not worry! You can always connect with an active online community who are ready to answer any sort of query of the developers.

These are some of the perfect reasons to choose Ionic as the prime framework for developing mobile apps. The Ionic framework is rewarding to use and guarantees an optimally performing hybrid mobile app. Ionic is the market leader and will continue to dominate the industry in upcoming years. It is high time to select an Ionic framework for developing the mobile app for your business.

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