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Popular Hybrid Apps That Are Built Using Ionic Framework

Hybrid apps are one of the most preferred categories of mobile app developers. Beholding the characteristics of the web as well as native apps, hybrid apps have occupied a remarkable position in the industry. On the top of it, the Ionic framework has added to their beauty. Some favorite hybrid apps that are built using the Ionic framework are mentioned below. Have a look.

Pacifica: An app of its kinds that helps in a powerful emotions management through analyzing their cognitive behavior. The app facilitates users to cope with stress, depression, and anxiety through mindful meditation, relaxation techniques and setting health goals. The app is available for iOS and Android users.


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MarketWatch: A dedicated app developed to monitor the pulse of the market and deliver the timely financial news. All sort of updates and headlines are available at your fingertips. Additionally, the app offers updated and relevant articles that help you in making financial decisions.

SWORKIT: A fitness oriented app that creates custom workouts to meet the needs of users and give them the desired body shape.  The app offers multiple flexible workouts for different users at different workout levels. Full body workouts, stretches, abs, crunches, yoga and many more are available through guided videos.

Nationwide: Nationwide is an insurance company which offers privileged services to its through this app. With the help of this app, it is easy to pay a premium, track policies, view insurance cards and file a claim. The developers have ensured complete safety and data privacy for the users.

Diesel: This app enables you to keep your home screen clean and streamlined. The app provides the quickest access to recently used and most used apps. The app comes with many customised options through which you can blacklist unwanted apps and enjoy a simple user-interface.

JustWatch: This app empowers you to watch TV shows, movies, series and favorite online content streaming on various services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video and others. You can watch latest releases available with various service providers. Apart from this, you can also get updates about movies being run in the cinema nearby. The app also allows you to buy the tickets.

ChefSteps: An indulging app for those who love to cook. The app offers numerous recipes, tutorials, and videos of the variety of dishes. The cooking guide contains recipes that give proper guidance about nutrient consumption.

iPic Theatre: An in-theatre dining app that allows you to choose and order your favourite meal from an extensive menu right at your seat.

These apps are some of the best apps that have built using ionic framework. These apps are well known for their seamless integration, speedy performance, and smooth execution. More Info

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