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Top 5 Mobile App Success Factors for your Business in 2021

Predicting the future is always a challenge for business owners and 2021 holds even more uncertainty than usual. While a plethora of trends has picked up, it’s the mobile app development that has taken everyone by surprise! Know the top 5 mobile app success factors for your business in 2021 that has scaled up performances across the globe. Grab a cup of coffee and let’s begin to unfurl key factors that make a mobile app so popular!

Before we dig deep, it’s important to identify the types of eCommerce /shopping retail mobile apps that are most popular.

success factors for business

Online Shopping Mobile App

Be it Alibaba or Amazon, a marketplace online shopping app allows you to buy anything and everything. The vendors list up on the portal and sell the goods through their logistics partner.

B2B eCommerce mobile app

In this B2B model, the vendors are the wholesalers and the buyers are the retailers! A buyer can directly purchase in bulk from the vendor’s list available on the app

B2C eCommerce mobile app

As the name suggests, the manufacturers sell their products to users without any commission paid or middlemen. The manufacturers offer huge discounts as they don’t pay anything to distributors

eCommerce Aggregators

Oyo, Uber, Ola are the best example of such apps wherein sellers don’t sell under their own name. Here, the app connects the end-user with the service provider and all they need is a robust mobile app

Ticketing mobile app

Bookmyshow app helps to book tickets for any shows organized by a marketing company for a certain convenience fee. Be it a movie ticket to a cricket match, these apps are an instant hit as there are numerous events around the year.

Affiliate Marketing app

Various multivendor marketplace apps like Amazon and eBay run affiliate programs that aim to earn commission by promoting different products.

Top 5 Mobile App Success Factors For Your Business

Importance of mobile UI/UX Optimization

Rising consumer expectations and penetration of smartphone in tier II & III cities puts the spotlight on the user experience. It's critical to have an engaging app that gives a seamless experience to the user. Performance, user engagement and the responsiveness of the app ensures if it has managed to reach its revenue goals. Be it a free trial or a quick walk-through for new users, building a relationship with the user is quite crucial. Giving an interactive, intuitive and delightful experience at the first instance gives you a user for life!

Customer-centric marketing techniques

Humanizing the relationship is where you start from! In today's Covid-19 period, a message in an app saying to stay home is quite effective and connects with the users. Popping an encouraging message in a conversational tone also makes you successful. Customized push notifications based goes a long way in scaling up the drive engagement with the app. Tailored marketing strategies help to build ever-lasting relationships with your digital users.

Data-transparent future

With a significant increase in awareness and knowledge, app companies are transparent about the usage of user data. With the rise of 3rd-party tools, there is a constant worry about the data breach that stops users to download an app. Companies are devising new data-collection methods - predictive campaigns or using historical data to determine the reason for installing the app. These methods still offer huge information about user's buying pattern. Addressing the question of user information capturing, storage and processing has changed in 2021.

Unpredictable spikes and trends

Be it any marketplace app, a B2B or B2C eCommerce app, users are embracing new trends that app marketers need to judge. For example, if there is a surge in demand for a contact tracing app, your proactive plan should be ready. App development companies are fighting for the space to stay ahead in the business by grabbing every opportunity. Keyword optimization and app store optimization plays a key role in the terms searched by users. Ranking on a sample keyword like 'Salon-booking' is a must that ensures people are reaching upto your app in the Google or iOS store.

Embracing a mobile-first lifestyle

Since April 2020, the world has witnessed a lifestyle that was unheard of before! Entertainment, travel, dining, shopping, and even work is restricted, which forces people to find solace with their smartphones. The unprecedented surge in app downloads led to an increasingly saturated app market. Development companies are exploring further roads to ensure that users stick with their apps for a longer period. This is again, where the user experience comes into play as it drives app popularity, user acquisition and engagement.

Alongside the top 5 mobile app success factors for your business in 2021, evaluating the future roadmap is essential. While mobile apps are here to stay, economic conditions have a role to play in deciding the success factors.

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