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The power of multi-currency and multi-language mobile app

The Power of Multilingual and Multi-currency Mobile Apps

The best part of new-age mobile app-based businesses is that they know no boundaries. One can easily cater to different geographies within a country and across the world in the least possible time. All thanks to the simple yet powerful multilingual and multi-currency functionalities. Many studies have suggested that revenue of the companies soared because of having multilingual and multi-currency functionalities in their mobile apps.

The power of multi-currency and multi-language mobile app

One study, in which 3000 online customers across 10 countries were surveyed, found over 72% people preferred their native languages when shopping online. Moreover, over 52% respondents found product information in native languages more important than product prices. No wonder, within a year of its launch, Koo has over 5.5 million users. Koo is a homegrown Twitter alternative microblogging app. Since it has options for several Indian languages, people from across the states find it easy to use. 

When you have the ability to communicate in the language of the local people, you create a credible bonding. People will trust you, as a result would like to transact with you, especially when you also have the functionality of multi-currency in your mobile app.

It is all about making a connect with the local population in their language and currency. Irrespective of the business, there is so much a multilingual and multi-currency mobile app can do:

Let us assess the power of multilingual and multi-currency mobile apps in detail.

Enhanced user experience

Among other reasons, one of the main reasons of Google's worldwide success is its availability in the local languages of all the countries. This gives it opportunity to publish ads in local languages in its search engines and YouTube. As a result, Google reported a whopping revenue of USD 18.69 billion in the last fiscal.
When people transact in their own languages, they have much enhanced user experience. This enhanced user experience leads to more people viewing the website/YouTube content, leading to higher ad revenues. Any company can leverage the power of local language. If you offer your products or services in the native language, people will be more attracted to your offerings.

Increased organic traffic

The best way to get the free website traffic is the organic traffic which comes from the search engines. Just like a well optimised website would rank higher in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), a mobile app in the local language will rank higher in the app stores like Google Play.

Language plays an important part in the App Store Optimization (ASO) process. Localisation (local language and currency) is the strategy used to expand the user base. The greater the number of users, the higher the app will rank in the app store.

Higher conversions

When you allow users to browse products or services in their own language, they can better understand the content, leading to higher conversions. Moreover, when customers have the option to make a payment in their preferred currency, they tend to go ahead and make a purchase.

Credibility among the users

Local language helps create an immediate bonding. People appreciate the effort that goes behind creating a website and an app in their language. This in turn, creates immense credibility for your company. Once your credibility is established, people will not only buy your product or services, they will also refer new people to buy your products.

Higher sales from overseas markets

Some businesses, like Multi-level Marketing (MLM), have operations in multiple countries around the globe. The success of these companies lies in the fact that they transact in local languages and offer payment modes in the local currencies.

Ease of accounting

If you have different websites/mobile apps for different countries, you will have a hard time preparing financial statements at the end of each fiscal year because you will have to prepare separate profit and loss accounts for each country.

However, when you only one website/mobile app that offers multiple currency options, you can easily prepare financial statements based on the value of the chosen base currency.

Final thoughts:

In conclusion, multilingual and multi-currency mobile apps offer immense power to the companies. They enhance user experience, improve credibility, establish trust and increase revenue. Such apps help you enter new territories and gain customers from all over the world. Anyone looking for a long-term business perspective simply cannot do without having an app with multilingual and multi-currency functionalities. 

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