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5 Reasons – How Contact Tracing App Help Your Business

Monitoring the health of the employees has always been a cause of worry for businesses across the globe. With the Pandemic creating a catastrophe last year and continues to rise again in India, protecting employee health is now a priority.¬† As technology plays a driver’s role in connecting the world, it’s the mobile applications that are ruling the market. In today’s volatile environment, the ‘Contact tracing app’ has become a buzzword within the business community. This excerpt unfolds the concept of contact tracing apps and unboxes 5 reasons how contact tracing app helps your business.

contact tracing app

The Functionality Of The Contact Tracing App

As the name suggests, it’s a mobile application developed to trace, monitor and assess employee health. With an array of integrated features, these apps offer a lot to learn about the employee’s health and the ideal ways to manage the situation. Additionally, it also keeps the other employees informed about the people who are having health issues in the vicinity.

Identifying the contaminated person alongside the people who have been in close contact with the person within that timeframe. To identify it, the app shares the data to a database. ¬†Automated contact tracing solution supports the acceleration process to normalize the workforce. Let’s go further and explore the top 5 reasons how a contact tracing app assists your business to manage operations in testing times.

5 Major Reasons How Contact Tracing App Help your Business

Economic Viability:

The crux of every business is to maximize earnings. Over the years, employee absence is becoming disruptive and costly for businesses. Employee ill-health is the biggest factor that leads to significant direct and indirect costs.

Using a contact tracing solution primarily helps to reduce the count of employees getting sick that limits the economic expenses. Managing the continuous flow of operations with an anticipated workflow becomes much easier. Having a contact tracing app is a smart way to limit your economic losses as you can identify the affected people at the initial stages. 

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Get Approval from Health Officials:

Operating under the new state or Central Health guidelines can be a cumbersome task. However, if you have restarted your business post the lockdowns last year, you have to ensure that you comply with the guidelines. Since Covid-19 is still a worry in India, health officials are checking businesses and enterprises to ensure the set rules are in practice.

With a tracing app in place, you have the mandatory data about your employees within the premises alongside sharing with the officials. This also gives a sense of relief to your clients that you have placed standard practices to ensure smooth workflow while protecting your staff.

Minimal Time to Track Patient:

Various studies and reports suggest that contact tracing solutions can track cases early as compared to symptom-based surveillance. In case, someone is having symptoms, early precautionary measures are taken as per the data available.
The objective here is to know early and with an automated tracing app mechanism in place, your work environment remains secure. As per data available, you can ask employees to be quarantined, stay at home or get hospitalized.

Secure Clients:

Not only the employees, but it’s also your esteemed clients that you need to take care of! If you have a service-oriented business, interaction with your clients is always a priority.

If you have restarted your business in recent days, having a tracing app is much needful as businesses are still going through testing times. With low production or sales, the profit margin is also not sky-high. This is the time when as a business owner you have to embrace the best practices to ensure optimal performance from limited resources. Building the trust factor with your clients at this crucial juncture is the best way to keep yourself floating.

Keeping Families & local community safe:

Although employees are returning to work, the danger still prevails. The authorities are educating people about raising awareness, but it’s the tracing app solutions that are proving to be the game-changers. At least they create a sense of responsibility in everyone to be safe and alert. Installing the tracing app at the workplace is an indication that the employer is also thoughtful about the employees, their families & society.

As businesses adopt the new-normal procedures, it’s important to nurture confidence amongst their staff. Rebuilding the economy is a daunting task and the above 5 reasons how contact tracing app helps your business, helps to educate employers. Using a tracing app solution is one of the ways forward to secure society and continue the businesses to reopen.

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