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Ionic 5 for Mobile App Development

The Mobile App Development Industry Welcomes Ionic Framework 5

It’s exciting that Ionic 5 is here! Ionic 5 has happened since Apple and Google are coming up with new UX standards and design patterns for iOS and Android. Both iOS and Android platforms are increasingly focusing on growing mobile experiences aimed at higher adoption rates and engagement. The mobile app development industry is poised to witness a gorgeous change.

Ionic 5 for Mobile App Development

What’s New in ionic framework 5?

With the latest Ionic 5, mobile app developers will have a plethora of tools that are required to create native experiences on the new age mobile devices. The updated framework, Ionic 5 (magnesium), will help the mobile app developers to work on the additional features for the users instead of worrying about improving the performance of the apps.

The updates are massive and have been implemented across all supported UI components. This includes design revamps that would be helpful to the Ionic app developers to adjust their work to meet the latest User Experience (UX) requirements. These updates are in harmony with the updates brought about by Apple in the recent iOS 13 and its design components. The mobile app development industry is absolutely thrilled and looking forward to creating fantastic mobile apps in the days to come.

Let’s deep dive to see how the design changes in Ionic 5 will impact mobile app development:


Ionic 5 has changed the way checked, and unchecked buttons are differentiated in iOS. The segment designs now do not have borders and filled backgrounds. Now, a single indicator differentiates between the two buttons. Also, this update comes with a gesture using which, the indicator can be dragged.


Ionic 5 brings support for iOS’s introduction of collapsible headers. A few components have been enabled that can be added to the parts responsible for headers. This is to help in collapsing the headers flawlessly. The mobile app developers love ionic 5!


iOS 13 also introduced the concept of title of varied sizes upon scrolling the content. To support the transitions, Ionic 5 has come up with components that enable the shrinking of large titles to a standard size.

Swipe Down to Close Modal

A typical feature in iOS, the Swipe Down to Close Modal now doesn’t need to cover the whole screen. It also doesn’t need the user to tap buttons to close it. Developing with Ionic 5 will lead to a modal that has a page pushed back behind it. Moreover, there would be a gesture to close the modal by pulling it down.

Menu Overlay Type

The users need not push the main content to reveal a side menu in iOS. Ionic 5 mobile app development will help to make sure that the menu overlays the content.

Irresistible Ionic Animations

Custom animations in Ionic 5 would be super gorgeous and more functional! The ionic 5 developers will now be able to create highly functional animations irrespective of the framework they use, without any performance hits. It is claimed that this new utility would offer up to 40% better performance in animations and a whopping 98% higher CPU efficiency!

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These latest icons are open source and free. On top of that, it comes with a brand-new set of icons that work great for dark as well as light modes. There are three different variants viz. the default fill, outline, and sharp. This is a welcome change as the icons would not need to change when the mode changes.

Ionic Colours

This is a default element in Ionic 5. New apps made using ionic 5 can expect vibrant and fresh colours that never existed. Ionic will also recommend a set of colours to developers for the dark mode.

Considering Ionic 5 for Mobile App Development?

This one is an excellent framework for enterprises and entrepreneurs alike. Ionic enables the creation of not just aesthetically appealing apps, but also ones that are high performance across any device or platform.

No wonder that the mobile app developers are increasingly using ionic 5 for cross-platform hybrid mobile app development.

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