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How to Achieve the Most Successful App Launches?

When it concerns creating a successful app that drives excellent app revenue, you need to work hard and think smart. .Having a winning edge will ensure your startup app stands out from another son the market. For successful mobile app development, focus on developing a mobile app that is, first and foremost, useful for people. No degree of marketing can undo the damage of a faulty app. Develop quality apps that function seamlessly and successful launches will follow.

So do launch a beta version to test your app out and ensure you know that it works well even before the launch. Tapping Social Media

Social media is an amazing platform for driving organic growth rate as well as engagement for the app. Promotion of your app via social media channels permits the generation of hype and drives traffic to landing pages and app stores.

Work to establish a presence on the social networks ahead of the mobile app’s launch. Set up official social media handles to building awareness on every social media channel from Twitter to Instagram. Use these channels, along with blogs, for your app and reach out to target users community. Away one can leverage social media is through integration with the app so users can share, as well as promote, the app without effort and with ease.


Mobile App Development


Bank on Instagram

Kevin Systrom, who founded Instagram was known for successfully launching this image sharing app.  Instagram’s MVP  was reviewed by reputed social media gurus, including Twitter’s co-founder Jack Dorsey.  Tech Crunch further featured the app and there you have it, Instagram was an instant success with 25K users within an hour of its launch. By the third week, around 300K Instagram users were formed. Instagram was also launched well within the iPhone 4’s launch. This was perfect timing because Instagram made the app capable of sending photos to social media platforms. The app’s speed was another plus point.

Snapchat: Building Buzz

Among the most successful apps to be launched is Snapchat. This app was marketed by founders at Stanford University who told colleagues and fellow students about the app. High schoolers soon developed a penchant for it and Snapchat was born. Its group messaging feature was its biggest strength, allowing individuals to snap several people in one shot. Snaps also vanished in seconds, so personal messages remained private.

Evernote: Building Press Frenzy

What makes Evernote a notable launch when it comes to apps is the closed beta version, according to founder Phil Libin. Evernote was successful because it had immense press coverage coupled with a good product – a feature that simply cannot be resisted.

Evernote developed marketing strategies and clever distribution methods to make the app available for every platform and device possible on the market. Apps like Evernote were used by virtually every mobile user.

Clear: Simple, Unique Messaging

This to-do list app was simply awesome because it was so easy to use. It contains no buttons, as it is designed to be simple for use. Compared to other to-do lists apps, it is simple to use.

The app even got coverage from tech blogs. A  teaser video and previews of the app prior to release were also discussed. Then, post the app’s launch, about 350K sold in just 9 days. Its video demo pre-launch even garnered 814K views…

Camera+: Using Social Media

The last on the list, but certainly not the least is Camera+. This app was launched through popular social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr.  Contest with giveaways of USD 10K was a further attraction. If you’re looking to develop a mobile app, learn from Camera+ which had 70K subscribers from day one.  They even went international and were featured as Apple’s App of the week on iTunes. Co-founders ran blogs with app updates, and users jumped on the chance to get the latest features. The result? One of the most successful apps launches at all times.


This is, therefore, the sum total of what we have learned:

  • Utilize social media
  • Boost press coverage
  • Craft contests
  • Build excitement
  • Create teaser videos.

But don’t forget the most important part of mobile app development is coming up with a quality app. App store optimization can only take you so far. You need to also focus on crafting an exceptional app with the help of a reputed mobile app development company like Sankalp. Try Sankalp’s stellar team of mobile app development experts and grow your audience base and your app’s reach.


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