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How to Build Mobile Apps Using APIs?

For mobile app development, you need to consider APIs. An API or application programming interface builds a connection between your app and other systems, encouraging increased efficiency and functionality. APIs facilitate communication of relevant data between apps and systems like other apps, OS, or other services. Increased information transmission makes the app better for users. But how do you build a mobile application using APIs? For this, you have to understand that whether it is iOS or Android app development, APIs are versatile tools for developing the application, as they are formed or created as per your needs and desires. APIs rule the access point of the system.

There is plenty of freedom regarding the way APIs can be used for applications or systems being developed. The app program interface is essential for mobile app development, whether it is Android or iOS app development, because it gives an environment to software on a technical platform, permitting access to third-party platforms or apps.

Mobile apps are developed using Facebook APIs even, on account of sharing and posting involved. Through third-party apps, access to user profile on Facebook is easily offered. Always hire an app developer that knows how to work around the issues. Apps can be using APIs without your realization, even. Consider when you SMS or call or even use your camera, GPS or calendar, it is the API integrated seamlessly which is offering the functionality. APIs have a lot of benefits, such as easy tracking and efficient monitoring on the mobile app.

The building or Buying APIs?

One of the primary decisions regarding API integration is the way to do it. The first option is integrating an existing API into the app. Another option is to develop a fresh one all on your own. The first option is definitely easier, provided you have a reliable mobile app development company at hand. Save time, money and get experienced developers, who can build your API from scratch without taking too much time, effort or an expensive budget.

Creating an API using a skilled app development company permits customization as per exact needs and helps in the maintenance of security standards. Assimilating existing APIs or creating a new one have their own advantages. Assimilating the API is faster, cheaper and requires less development experience. API that is customized to needs ensure security.


Mobile App Development


Building Your API: The Role of Common Architecture

To build API from scratch, your developer must devise the perfect common architecture. This is the foundation or baseline for building an API. It also makes it easier to implement updates with advancements in time.

4 different types of common architecture include web service, event-driven, hypermedia and pragmatic REST. The last one is most beneficial for mobile app development, although updates cannot be made easily. The event-driven architecture is not complex enough for API. Hypermedia can be used for smartphone app APIs.

Things to Consider

You should also consider adding a developer key when building an API. This ensures that code must be inserted to use the API. This secures the app and deters hackers. Further, API development must be tracked through the use of proper documentation. This offers updates about the current and past status of the API.  In the event of updates or changes, having documentation in place is a big help. This prevents a problem, as process documentation ensures developers know how your API functions.

Documenting the API means work can be tracked. Clear documentation illustrates the state of the API and eases later updates exponentially. Repairing the API using external developers also becomes easier.

Planning for the Future

The app needs to have an updated API at all times. Developing the API should, therefore, entail planning for the future as well. If updates are not implemented with care, all apps dependent on the API for communication, connection and functionality face issues. Best practices for creating new versions of API should be followed. A strategy must be in place while developing the API. Mobile app development should be such that it should be safe and easy to roll out an update when required. The app and its functionalities need to be based on the API and so API updates must be carefully developed and deployed. Data transfer must be at top speed for users to receive a request even partially. Additionally, iOS developers know the value of caches on the app side.

Caching should be in such a way that it is essential to get in touch with users to receive firsthand information with API. Finally, app updates must be such that new features must be added to the application with ease. As technologies advance and trends evolve, API development has to keep pace with it. Therefore, developers must establish a track record on performance, usage and other app essential aspects. Data collection should be in such a way that nothing is missed out. Cleanup should be carried out as per requirements.

Ultimately, the app should make sure registers and logins are properly carried out. Android or iOS app developers need to work on all scores, to ensure reliability, simplification, portability, and security of apps working with the API.


API development is a complex process and building a mobile app using an API requires excellent skills and in-depth developer expertise. To ensure your app and API work well together, hire the developer teams at Sankalp to get the best services in the industry. Sankalp’s team of well-qualified and trained developers and app experts know what it takes to deliver on your every requirement. Consult Sankalp and ensure that your API and app don’t remain outdated or nonviable.

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