Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing the technological world with continually new advancements that have transformed how humans interact with machines and gadgets. AI has modified the equations in the smartphone world where developers and designers are experimenting to integrate AI in the Android and iOS app development for excellent user experience.

With an urge of creating a user-centric and highly personalized experience, mobile app development companies are trying their hands on by tailoring AI enabled components for mobile app development.

This is the era where smartphones are on the verge of becoming smarter and more efficient with the use of AI elements. According to a report by Statista, the global market value of AI would cross 89 billion US dollars by the end of the year 2025.

AI holds significant opportunity in the sector of mobile app development because of its agility to deliver custom results based on user behavior. Undoubtedly, AI is capable of adding another layer of convenience and comfort in the lives of smartphone users.


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The AI elements like speech recognition and interpretation, critical thinking and predictive analytics are nowadays getting embedded in mobile app development.

Let’s explore the opportunities with Artificial Intelligence that are going to change the shape of the mobile app development industry.

1. Speech Recognition:

Mobile app developers have embedded AI that creates a better search engine experience by allowing them to produce search results by recognizing the users’ voice. The AI empowered mobile apps to respond to the voice commands by recognizing the users’ voice. This adds personalization to the Android and iOS app development.

2. Language Translation in Real-time:

Further, artificial intelligence combined with machine learning allows users to translate languages without the need of internet. The mobile app development is becoming intelligent artificially thereby imparting sophistication to the mobile app users.

3. Face Unlocking:

Using AI components, mobile apps now can detect faces with utmost accuracy. This feature is gaining popularity day by day as concern for data security increases among users. The mobile app development companies are integrating face detection technologies so that users can use it to unlock their phone and other sensitive details.

4. Enhanced Security:

AI enabled mobile apps are capable of predictive analytics by deciphering the users’ behavior. This empowers them to warn the user of any threat, malware or hacking in case of any suspicious and unusual behavior.

5. Image Recognition:

Just like voice recognition, AI components are enabling mobile apps to recognize the images and give results according to the users’ expectations. The smart apps can recognize the objects in a picture or a video.

6. Internet of Things:

Just like Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri or Google Echo is based on AI to deliver personalized services, the linked mobile apps are also integrated with AI systems to add value to the efficiency of smart devices. These AI-powered apps are administering the users’ life for superior customized outcomes.

How AI enabled mobile apps to create a great UX for its customers?

This is an intriguing question because ultimately, providing excellent user experience is the primary motive of every mobile app development company.

So, how AI can magnify the user’s experience and make it smoother than it was ever before?

The answer is simple.

Artificial intelligence combined with machine learning is a powerful tool that typically drives on human behavior by drawing extensive information on demographics, buying patterns and location. The machine learning algorithms are super smart to study and understand the users’ behavior thus giving them the content of their choice, recognizing the trends and making them enjoy the personalized experience.

The users are more engaged and retained as compared to the scenario of static algorithms. The AI enabled mobile apps to sense the changes and quickly present the results as per the users’ expectations.

So, the user’s experience is puffed up when state-of-the-art mobile apps empowered by AI are capable of adapting to their behavior to serve them with the type of information they need without efforts.

The Android and iOS mobile apps are more intelligent and offer a seamless experience to the users through their intuition and capability to interact with them.

Conclusively, it can be said that AI is the future and bears an enormous potential for creating the innovative and intuitive user experience.

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