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How to market your newly developed mobile app?

Once mobile app development is finished, it’s the turn of marketing it so that it can reach in the hands of targeted users. Mobile app marketing is equally essential and requires planned efforts to attain success.

Since the Apple App Store and Google Play store are flooded with millions of apps, it is crucial to employ timely proven strategies to give your app a standalone presence.


Mobile app development


There are many digital marketing companies are functional in the industry that helps their clients in developing concrete strategies to market their newly acquired mobile app.

However, you can also follow the below-mentioned tips to market your app for superior results. These tips would help in spreading the right word about your app so that you can enjoy the desired number of downloads.

1. Register your presence on different stores:

There is no shortage of outlets where you can publish your apps to get higher visibility. Not only Apple and Google but also Amazon and like stores are there that enjoy a considerable user base and increase the probability of getting your app downloaded.

The more, the merrier. Your presence on multiple platforms would give you a better scope of reaching the audiences. You can target various types of prospective users through these portals.

2. Engage in meaningful Blogging:

Independent bloggers and social media influencers can play a commendable role in promoting the app. Blogs are an authoritative source of ideas that can motivate people to form favorable opinions.

By uploading relevant blogs related to your app, you can get a readymade base of audience and readers who follow specific bloggers. It is beneficial to choose topics related to technology, and recent trends to give a direction to your readers.

The idea here is to impress the people by influencing their opinion about your app.

3. Promote on Social Media:

Social media promotion is inevitable. Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Reddit, LinkedIn are some of the invaluable platforms that offer incredible opportunities to the mobile app marketers to promote their app using powerful and successful strategies.

By developing relevant content, it is possible to create a positive influence on prospective users. Secondly, social media marketing is based on psychographics, lifestyles, interests, and demographics, thus making it possible to cater to specific people.

4. Employ App Store Optimisation Strategies:

ASO is highly essential if you intend to maximize the download numbers. You can get good rankings for your mobile app by capitalizing on the ASO strategies.

5. Get your App reviewed:

There are numerous paid tech sites that test the apps and publish honest reviews about them. This tactic helps in spreading the positive word about your app.

Highlight special features and screenshots to showcase your mobile app. The genuine app reviews are quite helpful in creating an image in the minds of prospective users.


Mobile app development is the first step. The marketing of mobile app is crucial to take your app to the destined place. The mobile app development companies also offer guidance to promote your app in the market.

It is essential to keep in mind that you have to compete with millions of apps in the play stores. Thus, a dedicated marketing strategy should be present to promote your app in the market.

Apart from tips as mentioned earlier, there are several other tactics also that can help you to boost the presence of your mobile app in the market place. But, whatever channel you choose, it should be appropriate and suit the needs of your mobile app.

You can develop marketing strategies in the house also. However, it is always recommended to employ digital marketing companies for professional guidance. The experts can chalk out a focussed digital marketing mix for your app which would help you in getting the maximum number of audiences.

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