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Mobile App Gamification

Mobile App Gamification – Everything to Know About

We live in an era where you are expected to travel the extra mile to experience. There are various types of mobile apps classified into multiple types, and mobile app gamification is one. These are some of the most highlighted and considered apps after social media apps. In this article, we are going to study everything about mobile app gamification. Before moving ahead, let’s get an insight into the concept of mobile app gamification.

Mobile app gamification is applying game dynamics principles to  to maximize engagement and increase the number of downloads of the app. Versatile application gamification turns the user to achieve their goals and motivates them to defeat their opponents better.

Mobile App Gamification

Distinctive Features of an Amazing Mobile App Development


A mobile app game should be simple and user-friendly from the perspective of a user. It should be easy and competitive at the same time to make your audience engage. If the app gamification concept is difficult, users will hardly be able to play. So, if you want massive downloads on your application, make it engaging.

Great Sound Effects

A mobile app development company should keep this factor in mind creating mobile app gamification. It is one feature that excites the users and boosts their energy to start with another play-off. Therefore, app developers must use great sound effects to maintain the enthusiasm of the users.

Top-Class Graphics

Another feature to keep in mind to make your mobile app stand out is its graphics. It is one of the essential fields to work on. You can hire a mobile app development company to handle your mobile development, as they have a team of highly skilled and talented app developers.

Fast Loading

Report suggest users like mobile applications that load within four seconds. If your application takes more than 5 to 6 seconds, the user may avoid it! If you want to make your game application famous, you should contemplate it as one of the essential considerations.

How a Mobile App Gamification Works

Mobile app gamification has become an amazing marketing technique for involving more users with your app. It is based on various factors, be it rewards, leader boards, etc. Here are some of the points to elaborate on how gamification works.


Getting reward points is a huge way to attract gamers across the globe! If they achieve goals or invite their friends, participate in various quizzes, the app will please them with new rewards. The in-app rewards include digital goods, in-app currency, cash rewards, etc.

Leader boards

Users prefer competition, and they always expect to win. However, leader boards are one key element that motivates them to perform better each time they participate in a competition

Progress Board

Who does not like recognition? It creates a big difference in anyone’s life. Users want to see how forward they have come and what targets they have achieved so far. It motivates the users, and app developers must acknowledge this element.

Social Interaction

Most mobile app development games allow users to engage with other players, be it their friends, random players, etc. It keeps the social interaction going with an aim to maintain the interest of the users.

How to Create a Successful Mobile App Gamification Technique?

Know Your Target Audience

If you want to create an effective strategy to attract more and more users, you have to start from scratch; it is important to follow the technique to get the best results. You must develop a mobile app once you know your target audience and their requirements.

Create Something Worthy To Make Them Stay

You must find out what your users prefer the most, motivating them to achieve their goals. Think of something out of the box and give them a reason to choose your app over others!

Keep it Simple, Different, And Entertaining.

Your app developers must keep it simple, in a sense, user-friendly so that they can understand and follow the concept of the application. Secondly, make it unique, different from your competitors to stand out. However, the application's success depends on users' experience, so keep it playful and let them explore.

Examples of App Gamification ​

Gamification for health & fitness

Gamification for Health care and Fitness​

The health and fitness industry has witnessed a major revolution with the introduction of apps. Right from health, medication, nutrition, fitness and more, businesses have gamified their app to attract the online crowd. MySugr, Mango Health, Fitbit are some of the apps.
Progress tracking: Keep a track of how many miles you have walked or tracked your daily diagnosis is now easy. Mobile app gamification elements have developed features that give you real-time data.
Social Engagement: You can connect with nearby people who are using the same app or ask your friends to join. Together, it's a bit easy to work for a target and it keeps the competitive spirit high.
Rewards: The mobile app gamification is hugely successful because it integrates with various brands to maximize their popularity. Giving real-life rewards in terms of store discount coupons was a smart way to attract users. Reminders: Imaging an app sending you reminders and keeping a track of your health - yes it's real! It can keep a track of eating habits, sugar levels and alerts you if you have missed any medicines.

Gamification for education

Gamification for Education

People have grasped the importance of mobile apps in the education industry and are looking forward to mobility solutions. Right from learning languages, online tuitions and personalized classes, Gamification has boosted the education industry. Players like Duolingo, Khan Academy, byjus, Codecademy Go and more are transforming educational activities into e-learning.
Badges: E-learning is all about having resources in one go! With badges on completion of learning modules, the idea of spreading the good news is motivating and exciting! The point-based scoreboard also helps you to determine your progress.
Unlock new levels: The only way to scale up to the next level is to complete one level - this concept has worked effectively for students. The excitement and the element of surprise that builds up are enough for people to stay eager to progress the levels.
Social Announcement: Finding your best buddies and competing with them online is so cool! Through social connect, you connect with friends and people to build a new fraternity and stay ahead of them.

Gamification for ecommerce

Gamification for E-Commerce

From a traditional market environment to a robust eCommerce gamification app - the journey is exceptional! Over the years, gamification has actively improved sales and conversion that has revolutionized the shopping experience. From eBay to Starbucks, Woot, Nike and more, all had something Common - a unique element of surprise for the users. Even.
Unique deals: Amazing deals for limited periods have always been an attraction for users. The amount of unpredictability & curiosity keeps the users on the hook and is a great way to drive buyers.
Real-time Feedback: Online bidding was again something one of its kind and one of the first companies to launch it was eBay! Winning a bid, improving feedback scores, scaling up seller's % and more - gave a sense of accomplishment.
Online Acknowledgment: Integrating the elements of video streaming, online shopping, game play and social sharing, the eCommerce gamification app became the talk of the town. Users loved the idea of badges, leader board in addition to online shopping.
Goibibo - India's leading online travel booking platform is one of the most recent online platforms to embrace gamification in their app. It created a ticket booking system that associated users with one of the top teams of IPL - Mumbai Indians. It offered goCashFest - a point system that a user accrued whenever the team played. This goCash is valid till the next match and users can redeem this while booking their tickets.


The conclusive goal of mobile app development is to create unique applications with amazing features that will maximize user engagement. It works best with the social sharing element, and if you use it wisely, your ordinary application can be transformed into something a lot more exciting.

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