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How Does Restaurant Mobile App Boost Your Sales?

In 2021, more than 80% of Restaurant and Food businesses in the world are going to mobile. Local cafés, city diners, and even large fast-food chains are compelled to shut their doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The restaurant mobile app is the answer for it.

With lesser footfall, how would you run your Business?
For a solution, you have to make food ordering easier for your customers. You can adopt a restaurant mobile application that will reach your customers and take the orders flowing in.

Restaurant Mobile app will help you to boost your Food sales. It guarantees a high ROI for your restaurant.


restaurant mobile app


Here’s how Restaurant Mobile App Boost Your Sales

Now, smartphone users have become the big and potential customer base for restaurant businesses. Your restaurant will survive the current market conditions only by focusing on online and flexible food ordering. A restaurant mobile app will help to retain your customers and increase customer interaction.

Your restaurant needs an advanced and fully featured mobile app to run a business online successfully. With an advanced restaurant mobile app, you can build a large customer base for your restaurant. The app will speed up the order activity and save customers time.

Why do nearly 95% of smartphone users go online and order food from restaurants?

Data shows that 90% of these users become recurring customers for restaurants. In a single day, restaurant mobile apps register dozens of online meal orders for hotels, cafés, and bistros. Here are five factors that reflect why such stats clearly indicate that it’s time to run your restaurant on a mobile app.

  • High Engagement: It will help you improve customer engagement via direct messaging, exclusive promotions, memberships, and notifications. Attractive images and videos of your cuisine, your complete restaurant menu, as well as some recipe secrets, keep the customers hooked on to your restaurant via the app.
  • Targeted Sales: When your restaurant goes online, it targets only a specific customer group. By launching your restaurant via a mobile app, you can effectively reach out to people interested in the food specialties you serve.
  • Recurring Customers: The conversion rate of restaurant apps is higher than any other online business. Users can install the mobile app on their iOS and Android devices and get instant access to your menu. As more and more customers like the food you serve, they will keep placing orders via the app.
  • New Customers: One of the main advantages of a restaurant mobile app is that it boosts the rate of new customer registration for your restaurant. The convenience of ordering food online via mobile app brings new customers, every day. Due to the ease of use, your loyal customers promote the app and organically expand your customer base.
  • Overall Sales Upsurge: The direct impact of the mobile app is a significant boost in your overall sales. As daily online inquiries increase, you serve more food. During meal hours and weeknights, your restaurant sales touch higher peaks.

Restaurant Mobile App makes it easy to increase restaurant sales even on the slowest day of the week. The app focuses on building loyal customers for your restaurant, via intuitive UX and engaging app design.


Who Will Help In Growing Your Restaurant Sales?

Sankalp is a software development company that has carefully crafted the restaurant mobile app which is known as DGRestro. It fulfills all the needs of every foodservice business. It has ensured that DGRestro transforms conventional food ordering ways and enables you with a digital restaurant management system. From menu and food display to seat reservations and customer reviews, DGRestro runs all your restaurant operations at your fingertips. It gives you an edge over your competitors and drives your online presence to new heights.


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