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Is Your Mobile App Developer Good Enough For You?

Well, that is the fundamental question one needs to answer when looking for a mobile app development for your organization. It is baffling to see 100s of mobile app developers when you search on Google. It isn’t very easy to find the right mobile app development company or an individual mobile app developer from these many listings. There is the problem of plenty which will render more confusion than finding the right developer for you. So, if you wish to steer clear from all the chaos and identify the most suitable mobile app developer, this article is just for you! Sit back and read on.

Ability to work on multiple platforms

Even if you are thinking of just one platform, to begin with, and is looking for a mobile app developer for android, you must see that your developer is capable of all the platforms as you might need your app in iOS sooner than expected. Moreover, your developer should be adept in new technologies, including that of hybrid apps. Since there is nothing you could do about people’s preferences in choosing platforms, the best you can do is remain prepared to cater to all of them either through a hybrid app or being present on android and iOS platforms.


Hire Mobile App Developer


Is your developer available when you are in need?

Well, it is always easy to bump into people who could develop your app much cheaper than a mobile app development company, but you should not fall into the trap of more affordable costs. You will need the developer for many reasons before and after the app has been developed. For example, you will need detailed briefing sessions, so you and your developer are on the same page about the exact functionalities of your app. Freelancers tend to be short on time as they are solo operators working for multiple clients. The bottom line is, you will not get your app developed each day, get it created from the experienced people who have a reputation for excellent client responsiveness.

Technology and prices

First, you should know what precisely the requirement is. This will help you ask the right questions from the mobile app developer. Ask about the pros and cons of the backend architecture, ask about scalability, check if the developer can provide database server to save records of your clients. You should write your exact requirements and then ask for the price quote. More often than not, the independent engineers quote lower prices and refer names of the latest technologies to lure the clients, whereas, they are not adept at those technologies. Often, you will end up paying much more than the original price quotes. You need to be cautious about getting the best technology at the best prices.

Ask for security

A freelance app developer might be good at assembling technologies to create a working app, but he might be found wanting in the security of your app. Just like 100s of websites are hacked daily across the world, mobile apps are also getting hacked big time. Security is not a perceived problem but a real issue that needs to be taken care of at the inception. You should ask the mobile developer about your app’s security and how he will tackle the problem. More so, if your app will have financial transactions.

After-sales support

The story does not stop the day when your app is published, downloaded and used by the clients. The story begins from there as you will need constant updates, debugging and improvements in functionalities. A freelance app developer might deliver your app in a lesser amount of money. Still, there is a real possibility that he/she might not be available for the after-sales support as per your expectations. The reason is simple – the freelance app developers are solo operators who work from homes for their living. They focus on executing the deliveries of new projects with no infrastructure for after-sales support.

Final words

Do not go by the minor cost difference that you see between a freelance mobile app developer and a mobile app development company. Instead, ensure that you have covered all the points mentioned above. In the long run, you will be glad to have heeded to our advice and as a result, chose the right mobile app development company for your mobile app development.

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