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Angular 7: Updates and Features You Must Know

Google has recently launched a new version of Angular, Angular 7 in October 2018. The new version of the JavaScript framework comes with exciting updates and worth knowing changes.

The recent version has taken into account new features and tools as well as improvement in the existing ones along with enhanced performance outcomes.

Being one of the most preferred front-end frameworks for JavaScript, Angular 7 comes with useful upgrades over its previous versions. The recent release spans the platform entirely with significant tooling changes.


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Let’s have a look at the new features in Angular 7:

1. ng Compiler:

The newly introduced ng compiler reduces the bundle sizes of the apps massively. The ng compiler is capable of eight-phase rotating AOT (Ahead-of-Time) compilation which leads to the reduction in the app size. The bundle size gets condensed by 95-99%.

2. CLI Prompts:

This is a life-saving feature for developers who tend to forget routing or like activities. The new CLI prompts you to add routing or take advantage of other in-built SCSS support. So, now if you are running commands as ng new or ng add, you will not end up terminating the command if you happen to forget routing. You can also select between different stylesheet formats including CSS, SCSS, and SAAS. The best part is its ability to get customized.

3. AngularDoBootstrap:

ngDoBootstrap is a new lifecycle hook added to Angular 7 along with an interface called DoBootstrap. It will be used for bootstrapping the modules so that the hook will manage the entire life cycle of the components by enabling to look into their crucial life moments.

4. Application Performance:

The good news is that the brand new version of Angular 7 exhibits commendable performance as far as speed of apps upgrade and framework is concerned. Secondly, Google deserves applauds as the team has been able to correct a very common mistake that was present in the previous versions.

It came into the notice of Google team that app developers were using reflect-metadata in production. However, it is only needed in the development phase. So, in Angular 7 this problem is fixed by eliminating the polyfills.ts file automatically.

Secondly, the new version gives a chance to set up budgets for new apps using Bundle Budgets.

5. The Angular Material CDK:

The component dev kit has undergone through minor updates in Material Design that mobile app developers must keep in mind. New CDK includes features like Drag and Drop and Virtual Scrolling.

The drag-and-drop feature now offers a more sophisticated way of creating drag and drop interfaces. New module includes features like transferring items between lists, placeholders, animations; custom drag handles, automatic rendering and touch devices.

The new virtual scrolling feature is beneficial for the developers with big scrollable lists. The scrolling helps in loading and unloading elements from the DOM with a boost in overall performance.


In a nutshell, it can be said that Angular 7 is one of the most excellent versions of the framework with crucial changes that increase the efficiency of app developers. Google has contributed immensely to keep this framework up to date and meet the requirements of modern-day developers. The Angular platform is better than ever with an enhancement in the performance. Angular 7 is a useful tool available in the market for mobile app developers.

So, if you are headed towards the development t of a mobile app, it is high time to take professional assistance from Angular JS developers who can help you with your project while harnessing the benefits available from Angular 7.

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