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Everything You Need To Know About iOS 12

Apple has launched the iOS 12, the latest version of its OS for iPhone and iPad. This has revolutionized iOS app development. Updating the iOS devices to a new version is easier now. IOS 12 runs on every iPhone device from X to 5s. The compatibility with iPad extends across iPad mini 2 to 12.9 inch iPad Pro 2nd generation devices. The iOS 12 can also be used with the iPod touch 6th generation device.


IOS app development services


The iOS 12 is replete with changes from new time-management controls on devices to updates for ARKit that permits immersive AR experience. A more personalized experience results from the use of Siri Shortcuts. Notifications can be grouped by app and type.

  • Performance of iOS 12

    A lot of work has gone into boosting the performance in iOS 12, especially on older devices. Increasing performance on iPhones and iPads by as much as 40 percent is another benefit of iOS 12. Faster app launches, quicker keyboards, and ease of use across app devices are the USPs of iOS 12.

  • Augmented Reality Object Sharing

    Apple has introduced a new file format for sharing augmented reality objects namely USDZ. The company is functioning with several companies to make this a standard format for AR object sharing. This includes Adobe. USDZ can be embedded in stories in News and one can find it on the web, viewing objects from the web in the AR on iPad or iPhone.
    Apple also introduced the Measure app for measuring objects in the real world. This provides support for multiple players, permitting users to share the same AR playspace with one another.

  • Messages

    Apple brings Message effects to the camera inside the Messages app. Filters, stickers and even Animoji are just some of the items that can be added to videos and photos via the Messages app. Along with a fresh name, Apple Books has been completely redesigned.
    Apple is also adding support for grouped notification, which tends to congregate the notifications by topic and app. Multiple notifications can be swiped at once. The notifications from apps not used will not be displayed.

  • FaceTime & Siri Shortcuts

    Apple has introduced Group FaceTime calls, letting individuals participate with up to 32 different participants. FaceTime is integrated into Messages, letting everyone use group chat and group FaceTime call. IOS 12 has introduced Siri Shortcuts, letting all types of apps add shortcuts to Siri. This permits custom phrases corresponding with specific apps to perform tasks. There will also be a Shortcuts app creating custom, multiple step Siri actions. Apps are based on Workflow and include support for HomeKit.
    Siri suggestions are set to become robust, acquiring app usage habits to make useful predictive suggestions on the search and lock screen.

  • Camera App in iOS 12

    The Camera app in iOS 12 has been increased to include filter, animoji and memoji integration capabilities. Apple has also added search suggestions to Photos function.

  • News

    Apple News is like a sidebar on iPad making sections easier to access. Stocks app is also receiving Apple News integration, offering relevant stories within the Stocks app. The News integration with curated business stories has initiated an app which is rebuilt and stock price lines have been added in list view.

  • Home App

    The real change with the Home app is better integration with Siri and suggestions for when to switch on the lights, lock the doors and more.

  • Screen Time

    Screen Time offers detailed and clear breakdowns of how time is spent on devices. App limits can be set to specific apps. The limits are synced across devices, and parents can see the device activities and track their child. Settings on iPhones and iPads can also be set allowing access to certain content at specific times. Richer, more granular options are available for tracking and monitoring device usage.
    DND features are also specialized. Grouped notifications have been added making it easier to view and manage notifications from apps in one go. There’s also an instant Tuning feature for tweaking notifications as they emerge. Press on or turn off notifications for apps. Users have the option of delivering notifications quietly. Notifications are less intrusive in iOS 12.

  • Multiple Apps With New Features

    Multiple apps have fresh features in iOS 12. There’s a Browse feature in Apple News. Additionally, the Stocks app has been redesigned and introduced on iPad. Voice memos have been revamped and made available via iPad. Additionally, iBooks has been overhauled with a fresh look, with a Reading Now feature for syncing when reading across devices.
    Additionally, the CarPlay app now supports third-party navigation apps such as Google Maps and Photo features, with powerful search capabilities and suggestions. This includes photo highlights, editing suggestions and what has taken place in the past years. The iOS 12 has also added new functionality with the potential to make augmented reality useful within iOS apps. Two people can share the same AR environment on separate devices and persistence, allowing AR experiences to be built around an object or physical space.

  • Smooth and Efficient

    Further, iOS 12 is fast and efficient on all devices, including older iPads and iPhones. Apple has also worked to make animations smoother and more responsive across the OS, so performing tasks like accessing control center, scrolling in apps or swiping when multi-tasking ensures everything feels fluid.  Optimizing the system when under load and on stage will cause apps to load on faster.
    Apple has also brought about improvements by optimizing the iOS across a complete series of A-series chips. In iOS 12, iPads or iPhones detect performance burst needed for launching apps. The iOS 12 users have noticed speed improvements on new as well as old devices and improvements will progress with refinements.

  • New Functionalities

    Apple in iOS 12 has expanded several apps that were earlier iPhone only to iPad, including Voice Memos and Sticks and multiple apps have also gained functionality. Along with the new Memoji and Animoji on iPhone X, Messages apps on devices offer New Effects camera for fun-filled add-on effects to messages.

  • Greater Personalization

    A fresh “For You” tab has been added to the Photos app, offering a selection of recent photos from shared albums and a selection of memories as well as photos taken on a present day in past years and suggestions for adding new effects to existing images. There are, in addition to this, Shared Suggestions features designed to take a selection of photos that concern family or friends and offer easy sharing options. It recognizes who is in the photo and suggests image sharing with the person. There’s also a Share Back feature making it simple to exchange photos associated with events.

  • Password Auditing and Security Features

    In iOS 12, Apple flags inadequate passwords and provides an option to enter the site and update it with something more secure. Devices and services also offer 2-factor authentication, so that the code can be texted to the phone number. In iOS 12, the incoming security codes from Messages app are detected and offered as an auto-fill option.
    Now, there’s no need to leave the login screen to access the code. Apple also upgrades Intelligent Tracking Prevention in iOS 12 to ensure it becomes harder to track individuals across the web. Social media links, comments, and shares will no longer be tracked sans your permission. Apple is also stepping down on fingerprinting using unique device characteristics like browser version, OS and much more. Apple provides a simplified system profile when browsing the web. Advertisers, therefore, get less access to data.
    In the iOS 12, iPhones also share precise location data. The updated GPS functionality is provided by the IP-based data pipeline, with Apple offering more precise location information to dispatch centers at the time of 911 calls.
    Apple’s augmented reality platform also permits developers to create augmented reality experiences within games and iOS apps. New improvements and features make ARKit powerful.


Thus, the value of iOS 12 lies in major as well as hidden features and tweaks. The apps are functioning more smoothly and seamlessly. IOS app development is simple, seamless and flawless with Sankalp’s wide range of mobility solutions. Mobile app development developers is oriented towards ensuring that all your iOS app development requirements are met. Learn more about us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube.

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