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Mobile App Marketing Trends For 2018

Mobile apps have transformed the lives in many ways. Mobile app developers have tried their hands in almost every segment of entertainment, education, learning, networking, shopping, and investment. The journey seems to be unstoppable as 2018 can expect the advent of more disruptive technologies and innovations.

However, amidst millions of apps on Google Play and Apple App Store, your app is always vulnerable in the absence of dedicated retention and engagement efforts. It is imperative for today’s marketers to employ strategies to push their product ahead of the competition.


Mobile Marketing


Sounds tricky, yet achievable by adopting some contemporary mobile app marketing trends!

  1. Artificial Intelligence: AI has rapidly acquired a significant position in the marketing industry. Tech giant like Google are spending an appreciable share of their R&D budget on artificial intelligence. Mobile apps are gaining momentum by imparting AI driven user-satisfaction. Artificial Intelligence has enabled mobile app users to enjoy a personalized and customized experience through AI leveraged mobile apps. The AI technology is assisting marketers by analyzing the consumer behaviours and catering to their specific needs. AI is also contributing towards the creative aspect of promotion. Combining human emotional and cognitive intelligence with analytical powers of the machine, marketers are able to introduce innovative interventions in the field of mobile app marketing.
  2. Engaging Content and Format: The marketers are harnessing the benefits of designing interactive mobile ads that can be flipped, fold, spin and pinch for a higher level of customer engagement. Thanks to AI; that has added a whole new dimension to the mobile ads. The acumen of artificial intelligence is not limited to the mobile ads format. It is guiding marketer about the type of content that should be positioned to grab the attention of the mobile app user.
  3. Optimisation: It has become critical to optimize the ad campaigns to generate more revenues. The marketers have realized that maximizing the return on ad spend (ROAS) is a crucial parameter that needs to be taken care of. They are focusing on optimizing the mobile ads thereby enhancing their visibility for generating more value through the action-oriented behaviour of the consumer.
  4. Ad Monetization: Another trending concept is ad-based monetization which is technically driven and realizes that mobile app users should not be over-burdened with push ads. With the help of in-app analytics, marketers are able to understand the specific needs of the users. By serving them with the right content at right time, they are able to capitalize the ad-monetization model optimally.

Conclusively, those mentioned above are some of the key trends that are prevailing and will continue to rule the market in coming months.

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