Web app development

What Is Web App Development?

The trend of mobile app development is on upsurge lately. With the advent of innovative technologies and the influence of smartphones over individuals, mobile apps have become imperative for the business to generate revenue.

Despite the significant growth of mobile apps, web app development is not at all lagging behind in the competition.

This article will give you suffice reasons to engage in web app development process.


Web app development


We begin by explaining the concept of web apps and then exploring the advantages of web apps and the factors that affect the cost of web app development.

The concept of Web Apps:

Firstly, web apps need not be installed for execution. Because web apps run through a web server and users can use them through any web browser just by entering his login credentials. With an internet connection, web apps retrieve data from the server where it is stored.

Benefits of Web Apps:

1. Cost effective:

Web apps do not increase the load on your pockets, unlike native app development. Since they need not be designed for specific OS, they are highly adaptable. Secondly, they are easily programmable, and version works on all platforms thereby cutting the cost dramatically.

2. Tailor made:

The process of customizing web apps doesn’t come with complications. The user interface can be modified as per the needs of users without much trouble.

3. Accessible on multiple devices:

Web apps are flexible and do not depend on a specific device for usage. Users can access them from any device including smartphones, laptops, desktops, and tablets and can run them on any browser.

4. Accessible from remote locations:

Web apps come with perfect mobility. This is a commendable advantage as web apps can be accessed from any site with an active internet connection. They also allow users from different locations to work on the same document on the cloud.

5. Swift Maintenance:

The cost and time devoted to the maintenance of web apps are far lesser as compared to the maintenance of conventional apps loaded with intricacies.

Types of Web apps:

1. Static Web Apps:

They are the basic versions developed using HTML and CSS. They contain very little content and remain inflexible. They are quite cheaper to develop.

2. Dynamic Web Apps:

They are complicated as compared to static apps. They are built using PHP and ASP. They come with numerous features along with easy content management.

3. Online Stores:

These are complex web apps that resemble an e-commerce site. They are highly interactive and can accommodate many features.

4. Portal Web App:

A portal web app enables users to browse through multiple categories present on its home page.

5. Animated Web App:

These web apps present content with animations and related effects.

6. Web apps with CMS:

They are high order web apps which come with a content management system to upgrade the content as per the users’ requirements. They come with interactive UI and the ability to get customized.

Factors influencing the cost of web app development process

The cost of developing a web app varies with many factors.

  1. Number of Features:

Higher the number of functionalities and their complexity level, more significant will be the cost of web app development.

  1. Choice of Platform:

The choice of platform dramatically affects the overall cost of web app development. Whether you create a web app for Android or iOS, it will change the cost.

  1. Type of web app:

Every business has different needs and thus needs different features in the web app. The cost of making a game app is different from a social networking app. Additionally, the cost of developing a static app is much lesser than a web app with CMS.

  1. After sales support and web app maintenance:

The value of the web app also depends upon the quality of sales support offered by your technology partner. The price may increase if you need to upgrade the app or fix some bugs.


It is important to understand that the cost of web app development depends on many factors. It also varies with the type of your business and level of functionalities needed to support the needs of your users.

If you plan to create a web app for your business, you must trust reputed mobile app development company to give life to your ideas.

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