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UX Design Trends for Apps in 2020

Apps are redefining our lives like never – whether you need to book a cab or wish to order food, whether you wish to shop or schedule an air ticket, whether you wish to catch up with your friends on social media or watch videos – the list is virtually endless! Currently, there are about 2.8 million apps in the Play Store and more than 2 million on IOS. But are all these apps active? Sadly, the story is not entirely optimistic as most people uninstall the apps within a few minutes of usage. As pointed out by many research firms, as many as 90% of users uninstall the apps within minutes owing to their poor user experience (UX). People have high expectations from their apps, and the only thing that can help retain users is a great UX.


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Let’s check out a few trends that can be expected in UX Design for the year 2020:

Design Simplicity

Most people get irritated with pop-ups, confusing navigation, too many buttons, inappropriate size of the buttons, distracting advertisements, etc. Most app companies lose focus on the basics and try to look fancy. This proves disastrous as most users uninstall such apps in a quick time. The app companies need to remain focused on the core reason why the app was built. Twitter is an excellent example, as it has a clean interface and does the basic jobs flawlessly.

Voice Interface

Many studies indicate that about 50% of mobile users would be using voice commands to interact with their phones. This effectively means that all mobile app companies need to incorporate Vocal User Interfaces (VUI) so that all users in 2020 can talk to their phones effortlessly to activate the desired apps. Top mobile app developers are already using VUI technologies extensively, and this trend is bound to increase in the coming years.

5G Compatibility

Mobile app companies to be mindful of the fact that 5G is in different phases of testing and is likely to be rolled out in many countries across the world. 5G technology will bring higher data transfer speeds, decreased latency for great download speeds. App developing companies need to ensure that the apps are fully optimized for 5G technology ahead of the expected launch in 2020. Apple is said to be contemplating its devices to be 5G ready from 2020.

Virtual Reality (VR)/Augmented Reality (AR)

This might be nascent years for VR and AR technologies, but this is going to be widely used in 2020 and beyond. For an apparel company, the users could try the clothes virtually before making a buying decision. Similarly, people can almost see how the sofa looks in their living room before they buy the product. The use of VR/AR is going to be vivid and widespread in 2020 and beyond.

Technology That Helps Balance Life

The technology should be an enabler; it should not eat all the time. This is in the context of screen time we have these days. Unlimited apps for different uses mean enhanced screen time and less time for our families and us. There are little sensible things that give us happiness, like – the message “That’s all folks!” which appears at the end of the product category display page of BigBasket app. This helps increase the UX, and the chances of retention improve significantly.

Future Perfect with Machine Language (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Many prominent companies already use these technologies, including Google, Amazon, Flipkart, Spotify, to name a few. The mobile app designers need to incorporate these technologies for a more exceptional individual UX. Certainly, 2020 onwards you would see widespread use of ML and AI in different domains.

The Cloud Factor

With the advent of faster data transfer mobile technologies like 5G, there would be extensive use of apps on the cloud. The most significant advantage to the developers is that Cloud-based connected devices allow them to keep all platforms and software always up-to-date, which in turn means more excellent UX for the users without any effort on their part.


2020 is going to be super exciting in terms of newer technologies that will take the UX to the next level. If you are looking for a top-notch mobile app development company with a global presence, look no further – Sankalp has 4000+ satisfied clients in 40+ countries across the globe! Sankalp is an ISO-certified organization with a track record of delivering 100% on its promises, every time!

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