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iOS 12 App Store Updates Important for Your App?

iOS 11 introduced a massive redesign of the Apple App Store, really changing the feel and look of Apple apps. But iOS 12 has taken it further, impacting iOS app development in multiple ways, and influencing mobile app features. The mobile app development industry has made the transition towards greater personalization, because of iOS 12 updates.

The iOS 12 App Store adopts a machine-learning framework to offer personalized app spotlights and recommendations to users based on previous usage patterns and app downloads. This framework is not a new one. With the existence of technology and Big Data, user tracking of history provides customers with a more personal experience becoming normal across the web. What is new about iOS app development in the 12th version is the provision of content meeting individual interests, serving as an excellent opportunity for conversions, but coming with pitfalls for publishers.


Mobile app development industry


Overview: iOS 12 App Store Updates

1 Today Page

In iOS 11, users can browse through the content published in the previous seven days scrolling down the Today page. As far as iOS 12 is concerned, content is found in a new section called “You May Have Missed.” Personalized spotlights, stories, and app recommendations are essential. With a tailor-made experience, apps are going to be featured on the Today page.

2 App Pages and Games

An algorithm replaces the chronological feed on the Games page. Users will be shown more personalized game recommendations on the list, higher on the app.

3 Product Page

App publishers cannot write generic updates regarding performance improvements. Publishers can include new update details.

4 Notifications

When a user gets more than one app notification, they are placed together in a group. Tapping on the lead one to read notifications of that app is essential. Apple has also released the “Deliver Quietly” mode, where notifications reach the notification center without any alerts. Notification changing or adding buttons can also be customized. Further, Car Play is set to support third-party apps for navigation. For non-subscription apps, a free trial can be offered to users.

 5 Siri Analyses

Siri performs an analysis to create important shortcuts in the app. These shortcuts are suggested at the Lock Screen and Spotlight search. Therefore, iOS development has made it possible for users to create a shortcut. Siri can now do a lot more. More complex commands replace single voice commands. Voice commands can also be added to functions. The developer can use the Workflow app for activating it. Users can also turn off suggestions for specific apps.

 6 ARKit 2

 When two or more people on differing devices use the same app, it is possible to interact thanks to this feature. iOS 12 has also released the Persistent Track. Here, the 3-dimensional object in the virtual world remains there. Previously, ARKit could only detect 2D objects. Universal Scene Description was also introduced. Through this, platforms can share AR objects across various platforms. The Measure App permits users to measure objects automatically or manually.

7 Core ML 2

iOS 12 also launches integrate machine learning model new version. This model version works 70% quicker. Sizes of models shrink up to 75%. This model version supports all level quantization. Models can be updated via the cloud. Create ML is a GPU accelerated tool that facilitates creating and training developer learning models. The Natural Language Framework has been released for natural language processing tasks like speech part tagging.

8 macOS Mojave

 Developers need to update to Xcode 10 GM seed to choose the distraction-free dark mode. The app must support 64-bit to work well in this new mode, though.

9 HealthKit

The Health Records API can be accessed for creating an app based on the user’s health history.

10 Security Features

For apps with 2-factor authentication, users need not memorize code or copy using SMS. It all now appears in the Quick Tap bar. AsWEBAUTHENTICATIONSession class permits the exchange of passwords between a related website in Safari and the app. The iOS 12 update also includes the integration of the Password API to make users insert passwords in a single tap. This update makes it easier to share passwords form iOS to Apple products. Safari also blocks Ad Trackers, and Facebook shares or like buttons. Websites cannot use cookies to collect data about plugins, configurations, or more to track user activity. If smartphones are connected to a USB and locked for one hour, the mobile automatically gets blocked to protect data.


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