Mobile App Development Cost

How Much Does It Cost to Create the Perfect Mobile App?

In present dynamics, the advent of the digital era has heralded the age of the smartphone. Individuals are addicted to smartphone devices. The mobile comes first, and so do mobile apps. This reason is why mobile app development is critical to consider, especially from a cost perspective. Mobile app cost depends on many aspects. Businesses always seek to leverage opportunities, and many ventures are planning to design their mobile apps. Stores have reasons for developing mobile apps. Companies want to target extensive clientele or boost their online visibility. Many ventures look to create substantial annual profits. Some organizations are also working to develop mobile apps that serve businesses well. Regardless of which category your organization falls into, a mobile app is the only solution to your needs.

As mobile apps offer many benefits to the business, it requires a cost to function with accuracy. The economic underpinnings of mobile development, whether Android or iOS development, are equally important. It requires a fee for performing accurately. If one is planning on developing a mobile app, it is essential to know what its price will be. Let’s delve deeper into the factors that influence mobile app costs.


Mobile App Development Cost


Know About Mobile App Costs

Mobile app development is a booming marketplace and a thriving industry that shows no signs of stopping. A reason behind the popularity of such apps is that applications help businesses with numerous activities. Companies can create an app for any and every purpose, from communication to sports, food, lifestyle, games, and much more. Besides the mentioned ideas, other ventures may also check out mobile app ideas and execution based on the budget.

If you have a fantastic app idea, but no idea about how much mobile application development will cost, here are the factors you need to consider. Plan your app development budget to begin with.

Types of Apps

The cost of mobile app development is based on the kind of app one is seeking to create. Study the different types of apps given below:

Gaming Apps

These are, perhaps, the most popular type of mobile application. Nearly 24% of the apps on the App Store are gaming apps. These are lucrative for developers. Developers require different technicalities and resources for creating the perfect mobile game. For creating an engaging game, you need an intense storyline and awesome characters. Intellectual gaming apps require an in-house team. If you outsource the mobile app development, the organization may charge around USD 100-150 per hour.

Business Apps

The cost of business apps is directly linked with the business model. It determines the technological stack, design, functionality, design, and app development. An app for a cab aggregator service like Uber can even cost anywhere from USD 70K to 100,000 or more. This base price gives an idea; remember that if your app is more straightforward, with basic features, development costs will lessen. The value increases with the addition of fresh features. For complex business apps for extra productivity and performance, the following elements need to be considered.

  • Login with different social accounts: This can cost over USD 3000. Simpler versions cost around USD 2000. Login features are incorporated for system authentication.
  • Live chat or push notification options: This will cost around USD 14,000.
  • Geolocation for simple maps: This will be another USD 3,500.
  • Geofencing capacities: This will net USD 8000.
  • Real-Time Tracking: This feature will cost USD 15000
  • Mobile app widgets like Stripe or Paypal for payment: This will incur another USD 7000

Therefore, the business app’s cost will be based on the requirements and features you are seeking to incorporate.

Entertainment Apps

Entertainment apps like dating or recreational apps (Facebook, Tinder, WhatsApp) or chatting apps are also popular. These apps permit video sharing, chat, image sharing, calls, and much more. Every app comes with its features and hence, the corresponding cost of development.

Factors Influencing Mobile App Cost

We have discussed mobile app development in detail. Other factors also influence app development costs. Here they are.


The platform you choose impacts mobile app development costs. App owners need to focus on platform selection. The best way out is to select a platform by analyzing the target audience. Companies need to explain what audiences frequently want. If the audience is on the Android platform, Android app development is worth it.

Businesses may want to capture huge audiences. For such firms, multi-platform development is an excellent option. The cost of app development on Apple iOS is USD 5000. For Google Android, it is the same. For Apple IOS and Google Android combined, it is USD 8750.

App Complexity

Another critical factor is the app complexity. It influences the development cost. Complex apps require more technologies, time, and are, therefore, costlier. Apps that contain backend infrastructure are tough to develop. Backend is not essential for every app. Apps with big data for exchange require backend infrastructure. This form of support works as an OS providing APIs to exchange data between the app and the database.


While there is no precise cause for mobile app development, the cost of the app develops on factors like app complexity, platform, features, hours of work, technical stack, and development team. To get the best mobile apps for any industry or segment, contact Sankalp, a mobile application development company that offers cost-effective solutions. At Sankalp, a range of affordable, functional, and feature-packed apps can be customized to suit your business needs and requirements.


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