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Features That You Need to Consider Before Developing Job Search Apps

Without a doubt, the job search is one of the most stressful events in life. No one likes hunting for jobs, mainly if it includes visiting the offices physically. However, the scenario of looking for a job has completely changed in recent times, as one can now easily browse and apply to suitable positions from the comfort of a living room, all thanks to the job search apps!

job search app development

With these apps’ help, the users can create a resume, connect with recruiters, keep track of job listings, and networking opportunities on the go. Now, job seekers can conduct their job search anywhere, anytime.

When it comes to mobile job search apps development, we can’t forget to mention the giants of the significant job search apps like LinkedIn Job Search and Glassdoor, which are glaring examples in this niche. These apps have emerged to streamline and simplify the entire job search and allow an increasingly smartphone-dominated society to connect, search, and apply for work and communicate on time and your terms.

This is certainly an opportune time to bring your job search app start-up idea to life as the demand for job search is galloping by the day. Just to put things in perspective, have a look at the stats by PRNNewsWire:

The world job market was at US$ 215.68 billion in 2017, which is estimated to swell to US$ 334.28 billion by the end of 2025. 

But lots of effort goes into creating superlative apps like LinkedIn and Glassdoor. Suppose one wants to emulate such sterling success. In that case, a lot needs to be done in terms of business strategy, social media outreach to popularize the app, and of course, a superlative job search app that dazzles the users with its magnificent features.

The essential features one should have in a job search app

Before we go on to know the essential features that one needs to have in a job search app, let’s see the summary of the benefits:

Jobseeker side

1. Easy log in/registration

This is the first screen applicants see after installing the application. There are two options: Register and Sign in. Job seekers should have an excellent experience on the first screen to quickly register or log in directly using the popular social platform plugins.

2. Ease of editing profile

This is where applicants can update their profile and set preferences according to what they are looking for in a job. A guided menu that auto-suggests enhances the user experience could be your winning card.

3. Upload/replace the resume

The users should be able to easily and quickly upload/replace the resume using this menu. It is always advisable to only allow .docx and .pdf format files for security reasons.

4. Job filter

The job filter option will help the users choose their choice among thousands of listings. This feature is significant because if applicants do not get what they are looking for through the app, they will immediately leave and uninstall the app. Therefore, the job filter is a mandatory feature.

5. Resume by mail

Now that applicants have their resume, the next step is to send the resume to potential recruiters. It would be very convenient for the users to apply directly through an integrated mailing functionality within the app. This feature will make it very convenient for the user to apply for jobs quickly.

6. Job alerts through push notifications

The job alert feature will keep applicants informed about new vacancies through push notifications to apply on time and stay ahead of others. These days, it has become a norm to have a push notification feature in an app.

7. Ability to save jobs

Many a time, it is not always possible to apply while browsing through the jobs. This feature allows applicants to save the jobs they would like to use at a later time.

8. View employer profile/contact employer

Through this functionality, applicants can check the recruiters’ profiles and see what kind of jobs they have posted. It also gives them the possibility to contact the recruiters and confirm whether they have received the CV or other queries the job seeker may have about the job position.

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Recruiter Side

Now let’s see the functionalities that are mandatory on the recruiter side.

1. Login/Registration

The recruiters can log in whenever, where ever they want to their dashboard. This is essentially the same feature that we have on the job seeker’s side.

2. Upload job openings

With this feature, recruiters can upload job openings, along with full details like a job description, experience required, job location, and salary bands, among others.

3. Contact candidates

Using the feature, recruiters can reach out to the shortlisted candidates to schedule interviews and informing them about the next process.

4. Filter resumes

This functionality allows recruiters to shortlist candidates who have applied for the profile based on their set criteria or keywords. This saves time for the recruiters to filter the right candidates with the straight skill sets.

5. Download resume

Recruiters like to keep a batch of shortlisted candidates and their resumes, either for immediate recruitment or to refer when new openings arrive. This functionality helps the recruiters to download the resumes of the shortlisted candidates easily.

6. Making payments

Recruiters or companies usually have paid plans to post job openings. For this, a payment gateway with multiple payment options must be there so that the recruiter could quickly pay through their preferred mode.

7. Dashboard

This helps the recruiters to see how many candidates showed interest, how many applied, how many were shortlisted for the interview, how many were interviewed, and how many were finally selected. The dashboard gives a summary of all the relevant details to the recruiter in one place.

Benefits of job search apps

Job search apps are the future for both recruiters and job seekers. Almost 70 percent of people own smartphones, and their number is increasing. Today, mobile-friendly websites are not enough to attract users as they have their lacunas. Apps have become a beneficial solution for both recruiters and job seekers because:

  • They save time
  • They are highly convenient
  • They provide 24/7 access
  • The job search app for employers improves their hiring

Now, let’s see how mobile apps are transforming job search for both employers and employees.

On the go recruitments

With just a few taps, users can land their dream job. It is incredibly convenient. Period. And speaking of employers, recruiters can search for candidates and review applications at any time, anywhere.

Smart notifications

Smart notifications can alert job seekers when they receive an offer or recruiter when a new job seeker. Therefore, recruiters have a faster response time and can solve any problem even on the go.

Access to information

Access to information 24 hours a day, seven days a week, benefits both parties – recruiters and job applicants. Job seekers can search and apply for their dream job anywhere and anytime. And recruiters can add new jobs, review candidates, and submit feedback as soon as possible.

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Now, let’s move on to the essential features required in today’s job search app.

Job search

The search option is the most crucial feature to include in any mobile job search app. When creating a job search app, pay special attention to search filters and tags (keywords).

The search option should allow users to filter job postings with critical skills, title, location, education, company, and designation. It would also be a great advantage if job postings featured a salary structure as it can help users make a decision. In other words, the more workable and easy-to-understand features, the more users your app will get.

Job alert notifications

Notifications are also an essential part of a job search tracker app. It’s a must-have feature that alerts the users as soon as a new relevant job is posted. The candidates can also get alerts when their resume is seen by a recruiter, which helps them remain prepared to receive an interview call.

Use cloud

Cloud is the future. Cloud data management helps store and share information in a secure way, but it is also very convenient for both recruiters and job applicants. Furthermore, cloud technologies can go a long way in making your business scalable while keeping all files accessible and protected from any threats.

Membership options

When developing an app, membership is often underestimated. With a membership feature, users can get more advanced features, premium functionality, and get the most out of their job search app. Furthermore, this feature also works very well to grab users’ attention. Both job seekers, as well as employers, could benefit from this membership feature.


Being multilingual means a greater reach. For example, if your primary market in India, it is always advisable to have a multilingual job search app because a huge population does not know English. However, if your primary market in the USA, then you can carry on with just English.

Making your app multilingual can add an added benefit and help you gain users. When users can use an application in their native language, they are more likely to use it regularly. They can also clearly show their skills, better understand job requirements, and apply for a job in a much easier way.


The interview schedule is another important feature for both recruiters and job applicants. Recruiters must plan for their busy days and have time to interview and review.

A Well-Planned Job Search App Goes a Long Way!

If you are fascinated by the superlative success of job search apps like Glassdoor and LinkedIn Job Search, you need to consider the features mentioned above of a job search app to ensure your app’s success. By providing a set of these handy features, you can help users to perform all the tasks related to job search with the utmost ease.

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