Trending Categories of Applications

5 Trending Categories of Applications for Organizing Internal Business Processes

Each one of us has been using mobile apps for years now. Right from booking a movie ticket to buying a product, from ordering food to making a payment, we use apps for virtually everything without giving a thought about the same.

Trending Categories of Applications

 A few years back, all this was not even thinkable. The technology has galloped with lightning speed, and in no more than a decade, the mobile app market has transformed completely. 

 There are 100s of mobile app categories that help to increase the business process efficiency. After analyzing and using our experience, we are going to have a detailed look at the top trending categories helping internal business processes increase efficiency.

 Here are the five most popular categories of applications for organizing internal processes in a business.

 1. Inventory management app  

This application is more suitable for medium to large real estate developers with multiple properties under development across different locations and/or cities.

Salespeople can directly check the available inventory and show the clients from the available properties. This helps in unambiguous deals and faster sales. 

 All authorized users can view and book the properties in real-time. The data is updated instantly, so there is no need to wait for the back-end team for updating records. The automation in property inventory brings complete synchrony in the business operations and a higher number of sales.

 2. Personnel management or HR management apps

Human resources are arguably the most essential and precious resource for the company. The companies that believe in this are the top-notch companies that people die to work for. 

 HR has multiple functions, including assigning work to the employees through their reporting managers and performing at pre-defined timelines like quarterly, half-yearly, or annual. HR also keeps track of attendance, staff grievances, payroll, and staff welfare schemes, such as offering a low-cost loan to the staff to buy personal vehicles. This is just an indicative list of HR functions, whereas the scope is much more comprehensive and exhaustive.

 Although, a few HR software and apps are available that are customizable to the needs of the organizations. But they have severe limitations. They might be a good option for small organizations and start-ups, but more prominent companies should have their proprietary software for complete customization and control.

 3. CRM apps

A couple of years back, one had to go to a showroom to get a new mobile number as all the details of the customer had to be captured in a paper form, along with relevant documents and a photograph. The took 24 – 48 hours, after which the customer could hope to get his/her new mobile number activated. 

 With the advent of mobile applications development, the entire process has been trimmed. Now, a sales executive can visit the premises of the customer and do the needful by capturing all the details through the mobile app, click the picture, scan documents and get the activation done in less than half an hour.

 Such CRM apps that are meant to capture customer details are proving a boon to the companies in increasing productivity manifold. 

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4. Report generation apps

Reports or MIS (management information system) are routinely required by the top company management officials to keep a tab on the entire business processes and to initiate changes, if needed, for a course correction.

 Applications for report generation make it possible to simplify formal tasks for the end-users, mostly top management. Previously, special programs were created to attenuate the likelihood of errors in the MIS reports. The report generation apps lend a user-friendly interface that’s simple and intuitive to use. Moreover, reports based on different parameters can be generated within minutes. 

 This saves the company’s precious resources – time and money. Both large companies and little businesses need applications for report generation.

 5. Security and privacy

In this category, we combined applications for internal communication with a high degree of protection, services for storing and processing documents (including online signatures), etc. Such software is in demand among companies with offices in several countries and is also among those that actively work with freelancers and third-party contractors. 

 In some cases, negotiating on Skype and sending essential tips via email is often too risky. Specialized applications deal with the task of knowledge protection better than standard mail services and messenger apps.

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