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How To Become Better App for Maximum Impact & Increased Downloads

Mobile app development is a tedious process that requires technical expertise and sophisticated tools. However, development is not the end of the process. One has to invest dedicated efforts to promote the app so that its impact and downloads can be maximized. Once the app is published, download number plays a vital role in making the real money. So the primary concern of the developer is to increase the visibility of app in the marketplace.



Let’s see how to enhance download statistics for your app.

  1. Develop a mobile app for resolving a mass problem:

    Those apps that intend to offer the solution to a broad range of people are widely recognized in the app store and enjoy a high number of downloads. Apps catering to healthcare, fitness, and education are highly demanded and thus enjoy appreciation from users. It is critical to choose the app category wisely before launching a mobile app.

  2. App Store Optimisation:

    ASO is the art of increasing the visibility of a mobile app in the store. ASO is the process of applying techniques that can push the app on the top list. Many potential factors affect the ASO. These factors are instrumental in increasing the impact of the mobile app. Some of them are discussed below:

  1. Social Media presence:

    Presence of app on social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter positively affect the impact of your app. By integrating social media functionality in the app, it is possible to get wide publicity. Popular networking sites offer dedicated features to support advertising of the mobile app.

  2. Excellent Support service:

    It may sound unimportant to you but a dedicated customer support can motivate your users to download your app as compared to competitors’. For example, on receiving a prompt and useful reply from customer support, a user gives positive reviews that are helpful for the mobile app developers.

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