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Reasons Why You Should Consider Outsourcing App Development to India

Outsourcing app Development

Accounting for 8% of the GDP in 2021, the Indian IT industry has transformed into a global powerhouse today! Statista reports that the exports in software products and engineering services are valued at upto 34bn USD.

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As one of the most established outsourcing destinations in the world, India is a hub of the global outsourcing industry. Right from start-ups, mid-sized firms, MNCs and Fortune 500 companies, outsourcing IT service is common with everyone. So, what makes India 1st choice of global companies to outsource their software or app development projects?

Did you know

A report by Deloitte says that IT outsourcing services have increased by a considerable 31% in the past year and is expected to grow day by day


    1. Introduction to the software development outsourcing
    2. An ideal business model
      • Cost-effectiveness
      • Quality service
      • Vast Expertise
      • Latest Technology
      • Maintenance & Support
    3. Factors that work in the favor of Indian companies
      • English-speaking IT professionals
      • World-Class programmers
      • Abundance of Skilled Workforce
    4. How to select the best software development outsourcing company in India?
      • Legacy
      • Skillsets
      • Structure
    5. Conclusion

The article uncovers the top reasons every country should consider outsourcing app development to India. While cost usage is the primary factor, there is a lot more which makes India such a preferred destination.

Getting assistance from external sources outside your business to work is technically called ‘outsourcing’. In today’s technology-driven world, companies continuously search for innovative app to give them an edge in the market. This is where the need for a reliable and expert-outsourced app development partner comes into the picture.

Stats are always fascinating, and it reveals a lot more than we think! Disruptive technologies, robust programming languages, an exceptional workforce, and powerful software tools make India the most favoured market.

Did you know

About 80% of the US & European outsourcing firms prefer to work with Indian companies?

2. An ideal business model

Outsourcing app  development projects has become a new normal over the last two decades! Focusing on their core competencies without spending a huge budget makes it a sustainable business model for global companies. As per reports, app development is the most outsourced IT function in 2021! Technical excellence and global experience make Indian IT companies worth acknowledging these projects. 

Sankalp IT Systems is once such a brand synonymous with the mobile app development market in India. A CMMI-Level 3 company, it caters to more than 45+ countries across the world. We give you some of the key aspects that make it the high-revenue business model:

2.1 Cost-effectiveness:

Compared with developed countries including the US, Australia, Canada or the European countries, the costs are very low in India. One of the biggest USPs of outsourcing is that global companies save a lot of money!

Paying an agreed service fee as per contract gives you relief from any other expenses on the product. Right from office space, salaries, hiring, and more, companies find it a lot feasible to outsource the development project. Finding the right provider offering a cost-effective execution becomes a key to the entire process.

2.2 Quality service:

Getting a high-quality overall software product is essential! While budget-friendly estimates are lucrative, getting premium-quality work on every project ensures a long-term relationship. Consistent delivery of quality work by Indian companies has been the key reason for the success of this business model.
Having a bigger team of professionals who follow the development workflows diligently is a major difference. Alongside diverse knowledge, a dedicated team, latest software tools complement the Indian developers.

2.3 Vast Expertise:

Quality education is the mainstay that results in making India a hotspot for outsourcing software development projects. Reports suggest that by 2024, India will have the largest population of software developers in the world! Adding roughly 3 million graduates every year, India has the right talent pool of young professionals.

Another reason is having structured processes that educates & enhance the skillsets of the developers. Curating a third-party app from certified software engineers in India is an assurance of high-quality work.

2.4 Latest Technology:

You’ll be amazed to know that most advanced programing languages used by Indian developers! Embracing innovation & the latest trends keeps India among the top 5 countries where developers are selecting popular languages. As a promising source of global innovation, India is a country with endless potentials & innovative minds!

While the Android and iOS platforms are the pioneers in the market, cross-platform development is rising steadily in India. As Indian developers are skilled in both platforms, outsourcing projects have become a seamless task for foreign companies.

2.5 Maintenance & Support:

Over the last 5 years, the Indian IT software industry has seen a dominant growth of 10%. Moreover, the industry is expected to grow at 7.5% over the next 5 years! This clearly indicates that Indian IT companies are equally specialized in the maintenance & support of the software and app platform.
Providing support has become pivotal in today’s software market and various Indian IT companies undertake long-term support projects!

3. Factors that work in the favour of Indian companies

Now we have a clearer picture as to why India is the favourite country for outsourcing software development projects. However, it’s equally interesting to know what works in favour of Indian IT companies.

3.1 English-speaking IT professionals:

Did you know that India is the 2nd largest English-speaking country in the whole world? Standing next only to the US, Indian IT companies have understood the relevance of global language in business. The advent of the modern education systems helps to educate students about the importance of the English language.

Apart from English, professionals are eager to learn global languages including German, French, Mandarin, Japanese and more! This is helping to build a positive mindset among aspiring software developers.

3.2 World-Class programmers:

Starting with Satya Nadella (Microsoft) to Sundar Pichai (Google), Arvind Krishna (IBM), Shantanu Narayen (Adobe), the list is endless! 

Pune 2’nd largest IT hub with the large count of MNCs and IT workforce in India. IT graduates continue to contribute to the IT industry with their expertise and passion to succeed!

3.2 An Abundance of Skilled Workforce:

The Indian IT ecosystem is heavily guarded and supported by the Indian-origin IT giants like TCS and Infosys. As of July 2021, TCS stood ahead as a leading IT company with net sales of 1.36 trillion INR! However, it’s also the mid-sized, small, and freelance software professionals who are contributing in a big way.
Global companies have a lot of options to explore before assigning the project to any company. No dearth of expertise and skillsets ensures that outsourcing app or software development project is a hassle-free task for these companies.

4. How to select the best software development outsourcing company in India?

With a clear understanding of why every country should consider outsourcing app development to India, here is the next question!

How to select the best app development outsourcing company in India?

Let’s analyze a few aspects that help global companies to select the best companies in India.

4.1 Legacy:

Expertise is not only about the years of existence, but it also counts the USP of your services. With a plethora of IT companies, exploring their previous solutions and how they made a difference to their customers is crucial.

4.2 Skillsets:

Global companies are also lookout for professionals and companies having specialized skill sets. Checking out portfolios is one way to verify the capabilities of the development firm.

4.3 Structure: :

Having a steady infrastructure and a structured approach goes a long way in finalizing the best-outsourced software development company in India. Be it effective software development standards, workflows, and processes – building the right structure is essential.


The outsourcing industry has a long way ahead! Selecting the right outsourced partner is a critical factor that ensures the quality and efficiency of the solutions. With Indian companies having proven expertise, exposure, and professionals with the required skillsets, outsourcing software or app development projects will continue. Select a development team that aligns with your vision and business needs in the best way possible.

Looking for a reliable, and competent software or app development company to outsource your projects? Sankalp IT Systems is a leading app development company in India that offers world-class software and app products in varied categories.  Click here to know more!

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