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The Most Popular Hybrid Apps

As the name suggests, hybrid mobile apps are based on the combination of technologies such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, and AngularJS. They are cross-platform apps which operate under a native wrapper that utilizes a mobile platform. The speciality is that these apps are empowered to access the device capabilities. Another advantage is that the hybrid mobile apps are comparatively cheaper and faster solution. The convenience of running a hybrid mobile app on any platform or device makes it a lucrative option for entrepreneurs to try their hand on hybrid mobile app development. More and more companies are developing hybrid apps as wrappers for their website to mark their presence in the app store. Here are some of the most popular hybrid apps that have captured the market lately.



Amazon App store: A versatile app store that offers numerous apps compatible with devices like fire stick and fire tab and Kindle.  To give inherent flexibility to the app, Amazon has used HTML5 for developing this app

ChefSteps: An interactive app for cooking freaks. One can explore recipes, ingredients, and videos on the app. It is an ionic app that relies on a bunch of software for smooth user experience.

Nationwide: A leading insurance and financial service company have chosen their app to be hybrid for enhanced facilities.

Untappd: A must-have app for beer lovers. The app empowers people to find bars, local beers and connect with others.

Gmail: A favourite app that needs no description! Gmail uses HTML5 for superior functionality and uninterrupted user experience.

Uber: A platform for daily travellers and cabs, Uber is a hybrid app that offers a webview on the apps.

Instagram: It is a hybrid app that is based on webview. Being a hybrid app, Instagram supports offline data also.

Cryptochange: The app known for tracking top 100 cryptocurrencies is built on the ionic framework.

The inclusion of famous names in the list of hybrid apps reflects the potential of hybrid app development in the coming time.

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